Fulfillment Team Member (1st Shift)

Production Boston, Massachusetts


Job Summary:  The Production Associate team member works as part of a team, to prepare/ prep, cook, assemble, and package thousands of meals per day for school lunch programs in local schools. Assists with any additional responsibilities necessary for the production and distribution of the meals.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:  Responsible for routine production, assembly line and packaging tasks.  Assists with the overall efficiency of the factory which may include setup, startup, staging raw materials, assembly, production, loading, labeling, stacking, sorting, preparing for shipping, and other miscellaneous routine tasks.  Helps keep the production and warehouse areas organized, neat and clean.  Positions may work full time or part time, on various days and shifts, as needed.

  • At this level, tasks may be routine and repetitive within any of the food production or warehouse departments
  • Follows simple recipes and instructions to prep, cut, chop, slice, assemble, stock, sort, stage and process products, raw materials, and meals in all operational areas.
  • May be required to rack products, debox materials, assemble food products and meals, break down boxes and containers. 
  • Will participate in change overs, washing down lines, sanitizing work spaces, assisting with monthly inventory counts, sorting, staging,
  • Executes golden standards for all menu items per approved SOP’s from Executive Chef.
  • Maintain a food safe environment, complying with State, Federal and Revolution Foods food safety policies.
  • Ensure the garbage and recycling is disposed of daily and the receptacles are cleaned and sanitized. Support our “Green Waste” program insuring all waste is separated.
  • Adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices by maintaining a clean, organized, hazardous free work station.  Keeps the work area clean and sanitary.
  • Observes a safety first environment, free of hazards to include a dry floor, proper floor drain coverage and proper knife or equipment use and storage.
  • Establish a culture of respect, hard work, consistency and effective communication with all team members.
  • Performs other duties as needed.

 Required Experience and Education:

  • Entry level position. Previous experience in a fast-paced fresh food handling environment is preferred
  • Experience working in a chilled factory helpful
  • Experience working as part of a team to achieve results

Required Knowledge, Skills and Ability:

  • Ability to Read, Write and Speak basic English.
  • Knowledge of safe and proper food handling procedures and knife handling is preferred
  • Committed to the Revolution Foods mission that all children will have access to nutritious, tasty food to support the development of healthy minds and bodies
  • Ability to routinely work in a chilled, damp factory environment
  • Able to physically perform requirements of job and lift up to 25 pounds
  • Able to work well with others and participate as part of a team using good verbal communication skills
  • Knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practices helpful
  • Able to work a flexible schedule, covering varied shifts

We are an E-Verify employer where mandated by State or Federal contracts.

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