Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Computer Engineering Chicago, Illinois


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Job Description

Position: Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Reports to: Director, Software Development

Location: Chicago, IL


Job Overview

Join an innovative and fast-paced team-building software and infrastructure that allows litigation professionals to filter millions of documents down to those most important to their case using advanced techniques and artificial intelligence. From your seat in Downtown Chicago, you’ll be managing and developing infrastructure that addresses complex challenges such as data visualization, machine learning, distributed systems, large databases, and large-scale data processing. 

We are primarily looking for engineers that can help us develop our SaaS infrastructure capabilities. This person will assist us in building the next generation of our multi-tenant, scalable infrastructure. If you don’t know it “all,” you won’t be alone! We are seeking generalists that can bring experience and diverse knowledge to our team, not just hyper-focused specialists. Our hiring staff is not focused on playing “technology experience bingo” but we want to find the best complements for our team.

As far as the process itself, we don’t want to just check the boxes to be able to say that we have the most (or even the snazziest) features. Rather, we are thoughtful about our design and focused on ensuring that our clients have software that is both useful and useable. You won’t be buried in a dark corner – you’ll have the opportunity to actively shape the software and architecture while working as an integral part of a dynamic team of individuals who are focused on learning every day and having a lot of fun.

To be successful, you should be able to contribute to all phases of the architecture lifecycle including specification, design, implementation, and maintenance. You must be willing to learn about the discovery industry and quickly integrate new technologies into your repertoire.

Responsibilities & Duties

  • Ensuring the reliability, availability, and performance of systems and services by implementing monitoring, incident response, and post-incident analysis.
  • Collaborating with development and operations teams to design, implement, and maintain scalable infrastructure and services that meet performance and capacity requirements.
  • Developing and maintaining automation tools, scripts, and frameworks to streamline operational tasks, deployment processes, and monitoring systems.
  • Responding to and resolving incidents, performing root cause analysis, and implementing preventive measures to minimize the impact of future incidents.
  • Setting up and maintaining monitoring and alerting systems to detect and respond to performance issues, anomalies, and service disruptions.
  • Identifying performance bottlenecks, conducting performance tests, and implementing optimizations to improve system performance and efficiency.
  • Analyzing usage patterns, forecasting resource requirements, and collaborating with teams to ensure adequate capacity for current and future needs.
  • Implementing and maintaining security measures, vulnerability management, and compliance requirements to protect systems and data.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams, including developers, operations, and other stakeholders, to promote a culture of reliability and effective communication.
  • Creating and maintaining documentation, runbooks, and knowledge base articles to ensure the availability of up-to-date information for troubleshooting and incident response.
  • Identifying areas for improvement, conducting post-incident reviews, and driving initiatives to enhance system reliability, performance, and operational efficiency.


  • Good writing and communication skills.
  • Instinctive understanding of networking and fundamental computer science concepts.
  • An eagerness to learn, explore and introduce new technologies.
  • Driven to build modern systems that are scalable, flexible, and elastic.

Experience & Education

  • 5 –  8 years of experience with infrastructure automation on a DevOps/ DevSecOps Team.
  • BS or MS in Computer Science, or equivalent coursework.
  • Experience with container templatization/orchestration frameworks such as Helm, ArgoCD, etc.
  • Experience with CI/CD tools such as GitHub Actions.
  • Experience maintaining and developing production Infrastructure as Code deployments.
  • Experience in a scripting language, preferably Python, but Ruby or Bash also work. Experience with Linux and Windows architectures.
  • Experience working with AWS.
  • Experience deploying and maintaining Kubernetes clusters.
  • Experience with version control systems like Git.


This job description reflects the present requirements of the position. As duties and responsibilities change and develop, the job description will be reviewed and subject to amendment. 

Hiring Policy

This job description reflects the present requirements of the position. As duties and responsibilities change and develop, the job description will be reviewed and subject to amendment.

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