Staff Software Engineer - RetailMeNot

Engineering Remote - United States


At Ziff Media Group we believe that gaining valuable insights using our data is core to our future success. Our Data Science team is seeking a Staff Software Engineer to work side by side with our applied scientists.

The data science team at Ziff Media Group (RetailMenot,, Mashable, PCMag) leverages data to optimize key business metrics and enable smarter experiences. We build, test and iterate on ML models, learning from and leveraging datasets with millions of daily visits. As part of the Data Science team you will work together with software engineers, data scientists and data engineers leveraging the latest technology, bringing new ideas to the table, and helping improve the world’s largest savings destination. Some of the technologies that we use today include AWS (EMR), Spark, Docker, Luigi. 

In this role you will collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of data scientists, software engineers, data engineers, business analysts, product managers, and other internal customers to find the best opportunities to apply data science in RetailMeNot's business. You will lead key initiatives through development, iterative experimentation, and productization of winning solutions. We can provide you access to large-scale master and analytics data sets; in return you will see the application and impact of your work to millions of users.

If you’re someone who enjoys taking on new challenges, working in a rapidly changing environment, learning new skills, and applying it all to solve large and impactful business problems, then we want you to be a part of the team!

This position is fully remote and we encourage applicants nationwide!

Who You Are

  • You take pride in mentoring junior and other senior engineers and consider the progress of your team members a key indicator of your performance.
  • You have experience building, scaling, and maintaining highly available systems hosted in a public cloud.
  • You believe people produce their best work when they maintain work-life balance, but also know there are times when delivery is paramount and embrace the accountability that comes with that.
  • You’re skilled in building consensus with a team to get everyone committed to delivering a larger vision than they could execute on their own.
  • You’re committed to learning and believe that every day you do not progress as a technologist is a day that you’re falling behind.
  • You give your teammates first dibs on the “exciting” work and make a point of being the first to volunteer for the unglamorous stuff that keeps the system running smoothly.

What You’ll Do

  • You’ll mentor and guide with your experience a talented group of early and mid-career engineers.
  • You’ll foster and enhance a culture built around standard methodologies for testing, automation, and monitoring.
  • You will develop a deep understanding of the business and use that knowledge to collaboratively build a roadmap for the next major iteration of the API to support where the business is heading.
  • You’ll bring expertise in distributed systems to improve reliability, scalability, and performance.

Who We Are

  • We believe our technologists should make technology decisions and give our engineers a great deal of freedom to define a technical roadmap that solves the problem optimally.
  • We believe that the role of engineering leadership is to create and maintain an organization that empowers engineers to build efficiently.
  • We devote a ton of effort and resources to hiring and retaining excellent engineers because we believe that extraordinary engineers are only happy working with other extraordinary engineers.
  • We are truly a polyglot company that utilizes dynamic and static languages, some functional, and others object oriented in nature, to power key parts of our infrastructure.
  • We use the newest service offerings of public cloud providers, as well as important open source technologies such as Docker.