Senior Business Analyst - RetailMeNot

Data Analytics Austin, Texas


DUTIES: Work with cross-functional teams to develop critical metrics and rich data visualizations, handle analytical projects and provide ad-hoc reporting. Build data workflows, query database to pull data for analyses, build Tableau reports for assigned single line of business (Loyalty and Cashback program). Distill actionable insights from over 1PB of data to uncover new revenue opportunities and drive the product roadmap forward. Develop LTV metrics from analyzing user cohorts based on their engagement, value and retention. Assess performance of assigned single line of business (Loyalty and Cashback Program), provide guidance to Sales, Marketing and product leaders to drive business decisions. Assist in design, support and analysis of A/B testing experiments. Support data science team to develop content algorithm to improve customer engagement of Cashback program. Support data requirement for long term Cashback and Loyalty product strategy and tactics. Led data integration and reporting validation projects for new cashback Receipt Scanning vendor system.

LOCATION: 301 Congress Avenue, Ste. 700, Austin, TX 78701

REQUIREMENTS: Must have a Bachelor's degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or a related field. Two (2) years of experience is required in the position offered or as an Analyst or a related position. Two (2) years of experience must include: Business analytics, business intelligence, data science work or equivalent experience; Data mining structured and unstructured data (SQL, ETL, data warehouse, RDS, RedShift, Oracle) in a business environment with large-scale, complex data sets;  Using SQL to write complete, optimized queries across large volumes of data; Framing complex analytical problems, pulling data, and extracting insights for tangible results; Interpreting and presenting data findings and summarizing key insights for technical and non-technical audiences; and analyzing technical data or technical issues to identify effective solutions. M-F, 40 hrs/wk. $92,500 /year.