Scientist, Computational Biology

Research & Development Cambridge, Massachusetts


Company Overview

Repertoire Immune Medicines is a clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to creating treatments for diseases based on the power of the human T cell repertoire to eliminate cancer cells, target pathogens, and regulate immune function.

Repertoire’s strategy lies in understanding the immune synapse – the interaction between specific T cells and the corresponding antigen-presenting cells that dictate T cell activity. The company’s proprietary DECODE™ technology platform, developed by Repertoire scientists, provides a comprehensive understanding of the full repertoire of interactions between T cell receptors and their antigen targets. We believe the ability to decode these interactions represents one of the greatest opportunities for innovation in medical science.

Repertoire’s team operates from sites in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Zurich, Switzerland and uses its DECODE technology to rationally design treatments for cancers, autoimmune disorders, and infectious diseases.

Role Overview

The Computational Analytics Team works side-by-side with a Computational Engineering Group, interfacing directly with our Platform Discovery, Translational Medicine, and Clinical teams to scope, build, and implement computational solutionsAs a critical member of the Computational Team, she/he/they will support the development and application of a range of bioinformatics analysis methods and exploratory software tools for interrogating multimodal data from the platform, guide the interpretation of internal and external datasets to inform selection of therapeutic targets (e.g., tumor-associated antigens) in a highly collaborative and fast-moving environment. 


  • Develop and implement robust analytical approaches/workflows/pipelines as appropriate for in-house translational/clinical trial data.
  • Work alongside computational biologists, computer science engineers, wet-lab scientists, antigen discovery, DECODE and translational teams to contribute towards actionable biomarker discoveries; this will involve infrastructure building at the start.
  • Read and understand papers to know the “right tools for the right job” and optimize parameters to deliver biologically meaningful results.
  • Benchmark new tools against existing approaches.
  • Install various tools on Linux and automating workflows for processing workflows.
  • Build databases and user interfaces.
  • Support various teams for their NGS and equivalent biological data processing needs, timely delivery of processed NGS data.
  • Perform analytics on complex experimental datasets with a scientific-oriented attitude.
  • Communicate key data insights and caveats with biological context to various research teams.
  • Manage and execute multiple projects across matrixed teams, working with leadership to meet short timelines while maintaining scientific rigor.
  • Provide transparency and regular communication on project status, setbacks, and modification of strategy.
  • Seek out external resource and expertise when required.



  • Masters Degree in Bioinformatics/Computational Biology, PhD is preferred.
  • Demonstrated experience in setting up NGS data processing workflows and/or pipelines.
  • Knowledgeable and familiarity with various bioinformatics analysis tools/algorithms/metrics for NGS/Omics datasets - WES, RNASeq, TCRSeq, especially bulk sequencing.
  • 2+ years hands on experience in NGS, working on Linux systems, using job schedulers, cloud computing (AWS/GCP), data pipeline setup, data processing, analysis, integration with different NGS/Omics experiments.
  • Experienced in acquiring & understanding structure of public datasets TCGA, GTEX, PCAWG, ICGC, AACR Genie etc.
  • Demonstrated analytical ability along with programming expertise in R, Python, Conda environment, Perl, bash scripts.
  • Experience in building and maintaining UI & databases.
  • Basic understanding of fundamental concepts in immunology, statistics, machine learning approaches, imaging data.
  • Prior experience in clinical & translational setting & understanding of cancer genomics concepts preferred.
  • Able to communicate effectively & accurately across various teams including wet-lab personnel.
  • Able to take ownership of challenging projects and drive them to completion.
  • Able to find systematic approaches and solutions as against “band-aid” workarounds.



Repertoire is committed towards social responsibility and developing an inclusive culture. Much as the power of the immune system lies in the diversity of T and B cells, our work requires the creativity and ingenuity of a diverse workforce.  We believe in actively pursuing equity in all facets of the work experience at Repertoire.  We will continue to educate ourselves about the inequities and barriers present in our society and take action as a company where we can make a difference.

Repertoire is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.