Scientific Software/Data Engineer, Computational Sciences & Engineering

Research & Development Cambridge, Massachusetts


Repertoire Immune Medicines is a clinical stage biotechnology company working to unleash the remarkable power of the human immune system to combat disease.  Launched by Flagship Pioneering, the company is founded on the premise that the repertoire of T cell receptor-antigen interactions that drive health and disease represents one of the greatest opportunities for innovation in medical science.  Repertoire also sees data and computational methods as strategic assets on par with biologics; and is building a first-in-kind platform bringing all these elements together to decode the immune synapse and deploy the resulting insights to the treatment, cure and prevention of cancer, autoimmune conditions and infectious diseases.

As an important next step in the growth of our Computational Sciences efforts, this role will provide software and data engineering expertise to interdisciplinary projects ranging from basic research & discovery to clinical sample processing & analysis and predictive machine learning models.  Motivated by the chance to help decipher fundamental biological processes that directly impact patient outcomes, the ideal candidate will exude a deep passion for science and through this


  • co-develop and/or maintain pipelines, software, databases and/or UIs for such
  • embrace collecting, annotating & shepherding access to internal & external data
  • prioritize data credibility towards the extraction of actionable scientific insight
  • continuously optimize scalability, software & data quality and internal SOPs
  • iterate with stakeholders on requirements gathering to identify & fill gaps in data, software tools and documentation


Required Experience and Skills


  • S or M.S. degree in CS, Math or Bioinformatics; Biology candidates with considerable evidence of successful coding experience may be considered
  • 3-5+ years experience in similar role, including biotech/pharma settings
  • Strong coding proficiency in Python and/or R; evidence of experience with HTML, Javascript, UNIX shell & Java would be strong pluses
  • Proficiency in SQL databases (Postgres preferred; NoSQL a plus) & extracting insight from evolving or unstructured data into SQL/etc warehouse
  • Experience performing root cause of failure analysis on data & processes to answer specific business questions or identify opportunities for improvement
  • Data visualization & processing in Jupyter/PANDAS or R/Shiny; Tableau a plus
  • High-throughput computation using cloud infrastructure (preferably AWS)
  • Strong oral & written communication skills, and attention to detail
  • Capable of working from incomplete information, without micromanagement
  • Able to systematically prioritize deliverables across multiple projects
  • Strong drive and resilience in the face of challenges, with positive attitude
  • Evidence of ability to translate external software tools, data repositories or research publications into concrete deliverables aligned with company goals


Proficiency In or Exposure to the Following Would be Strong Pluses


  • NextFlow workflow language
  • Storage, pipelined analysis and interpretation of large-scale DNA and RNA sequence data (bulk and single cell, e.g. CellRanger)
  • Multi-omic bioinformatics, statistics, data cleansing, integration and analysis
  • Biomarker discovery, clinical trial sample processing and analysis
  • Big data tools such as Spark, Kafka, Hadoop, etc
  • Machine learning experience with Amazon or Google infrastructure
  • Oncology, Immunology, immunotherapies for cancer and autoimmune disease

Repertoire is committed towards social responsibility and developing an inclusive culture. Much as the power of the immune system lies in the diversity of T and B cells, our work requires the creativity and ingenuity of a diverse workforce.  We believe in actively pursuing equity in all facets of the work experience at Repertoire.  We will continue to educate ourselves about the inequities and barriers present in our society and take action as a company where we can make a difference.


Repertoire is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.