Research Associate: Antigen Delivery

Research & Development Cambridge, Massachusetts


Repertoire is seeking a highly motivated Research Associate or Senior Research Associate to
join the Cell and Protein Development team. This team is responsible for innovation and early
development of RIM’s best-in-class natural T-cell therapy. The hire will have the opportunity to
substantially contribute to the potency of the Repertoire clinical product by creating and
applying state-of-the-art antigen delivery and T-cell/DC co-culture methods within our T-cell
manufacturing process . Specifically, the successful hire will develop technologies for optimizing
expression of tumor antigens in dendritic cells to maximize T-cell quality and quantity. These
technologies include methods of antigen delivery, DC/T-cell co-culture, antigen-specific T-cell
enrichment, and analytical assessment of DC and T-cell quality. The hire will work within a team
of cell-process engineers, cell therapy experts, and analytical scientists to assess, understand,
and improve the function of RIM’s unique class of T-cell therapy in collaboration with
Translational, Process Development, and Analytic teams at Repertoire.
The new hire will:
• Use advanced cell processing technology to isolate and culture immune cell populations
• Apply analytical methods to characterize peptide repertoires on immune cells, assess Tcell
reactivity, phenotype, and expansion
• Help optimize and scale mRNA transfection methods for GMP manufacturing
• Test new T-cell/DC co-culture technologies to improve T-cell product quality
• Use strong communication skills to deliver scientific updates to leadership
• Interface with team members to facilitate cell culturing and cell isolation
• Successfully collaborate with CMC and Analytic Development teams to innovate and
implement new T-cell and DC processes
The ideal candidate will have a strong background in a few of the following:
• Flow cytometry and flow assays
• T-cell or DC functional assays (e.g. cytotoxicity, immune cell priming, expansion,
activation, etc.)
• Dendritic cell biology including methods of antigen uptake and peptide display
• Nucleic acid (particularly mRNA) transfection techniques
• Dendritic cell and T-cell co-culture for the expansion of antigen-reactive sub-populations
• Collaborative work within and across teams
Additional expertise in the following areas would be helpful:
• mRNA construct design
• Peptide elutriation from immune cells
Repertoire Immune Medicines
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1400W 5th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02139
• Methods of T-cell culture to drive reactivity, phenotype, and yield
• Mass spectrometry sample preparation
Must have a B.S. with 2+ years of industrial experience or a M.S. in Biology, Chemistry,
Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, or related field with demonstrated
success. Other applicants are considered if they have sufficient wet-lab experience-particularly
in an industrial lab.
About us
We are Repertoire Immune Medicines – a Flagship Pioneering company working to unleash the
remarkable power of the human immune system. We seek to harness the intrinsic ability of T
cells to prevent and cure disease. Our mission is a challenging one, requiring a complex and
multi-dimensional approach that integrates cutting-edge biology and sophisticated, novel
technologies. We stand ready to meet this challenge with our unique platforms, world-class
team and unparalleled network of researchers, clinicians, academics and entrepreneurs.
Repertoire uses state-of-the art technologies to “Decode” the immune synapse generating
deep knowledge of the T-cell/antigen interactions that power the immune system to cure
disease. Using this knowledge, RIM then “Deploys” therapies for multiple indications with its
leading programs being in oncology. The current RIM trial utilizes natural T-cells loaded with an
IL15-comprising nanoparticle to target solid tumors in multiple cancer types. Other versions of
the T-cell/cytokine combination therapies will enter the clinic in 2021.