Associate Scientist/Scientist – Translational Medicine

Research & Development Cambridge, Massachusetts


Company Overview

Repertoire Immune Medicines is a clinical-stage biotechnology company working to unlock and direct the remarkable power of the human immune system to prevent or treat cancer, as well as autoimmune and infectious disease.  The company is founded on the belief that the repertoire of T cell receptor (TCR)-antigen codes that drive health and disease represents one of the greatest opportunities for innovation in medical science.  Repertoire scientists created and developed the DECODE and DEPLOY suite of technologies, which allow in-depth characterization of TCR-antigen pairs, and the ability to rationally design and develop novel targeted immune medicines.

From its sites in Cambridge, Mass., and Zurich, Switzerland, Repertoire’s team of more than 120 is creating a new category of immune medicines enabled from its DECODE discovery platform.  The company’s first product in the clinic is a novel multiclonal T cell therapy consisting of T cells derived from the peripheral blood, activated against a curated set of antigens, and armed with a proprietary cytokine.  Repertoire is in clinical-stage immuno-oncology development today, targeting metastatic solid tumors.  In the field of autoimmunity, Repertoire is currently using its proprietary platform to discover novel epitopes and TCRs from patients with type 1 diabetes.  The company is also using its DECODE platform to discover infectious disease antigens and responding T cell clones.

Role Overview

Repertoire Immune Medicines is hiring an Associate Scientist/Scientist to join our translational medicine group to help bridge and inform the efforts of multiple departments working on our current and next generation T cell therapies.  A successful candidate will have a background in immuno-oncology and have previously worked with patient samples.  S/he will have a demonstrated ability to plan, analyze, and interpret experiments independently, and in conjunction with supervisor and other group members.  Additionally, s/he will have technical expertise in advanced molecular techniques such as immune-profiling, multi-color flow cytometry and additional cell-based immunological assays, and strong presentation skills to communicate such findings across different levels within the company.

We are seeking someone who will possess excellent interpersonal skills and will have demonstrated a successful track record delivering against challenging commitments.  They will have a deep grounding in cutting edge science and technology and be comfortable working as part of a multi-disciplinary team and operating in a highly matrixed and accelerated environment.

Key Responsibilities

  • Perform ELISpot, DNA extractions, PBMC isolations, flow cytometry, other in-vitro assays on primary cells.
  • Develop translational assays for use on patient samples including ELISpot-based, sequencing-based, and in-vitro stimulation optimization.
  • Collaborate with both internal research teams, external CROs, and academic groups to advance translational immunology capabilities.
  • Handle precious clinical samples with care and exquisite attention to detail.
  • Be diligent about documentation of sample use, experimental execution, and analysis.
  • Perform experiments including analysis and interpretation of data to answer key translational questions, not limited to small scale process runs and assay development, utilizing primary human cells.
  • Support internal and external efforts to characterize immune cell populations from peripheral blood and tissue utilizing the Repertoire Discovery platform.
  • Support profiling of human samples to answer key questions for internal discovery and clinical program teams.
  • Plan and execute complex experiments using primary cells including interpreting primary data, troubleshooting experiments, and presenting results at team meetings.
  • Execute and interpret critical experiments related to clinical responses as part of a matrix environment.
  • Contribute to project management of clinical assay development including meeting setup, facilitation, and documentation of key outputs from project stakeholders.
  • Contribute to preparation, review, and delivery high quality scientific presentations for internal/external use.


  • Position will be hired based on level of experience: B.S. or M.S. in Immunology, Cell Biology, or related field with typically 6+(B.S.); or 4+(M.S.) years of relevant experience or a Ph.D.
  • Experience in translational approaches to cell therapies is highly desired.
  • Biomarker discovery experience or immuno-assay development are key.
  • The successful candidate will have experience with multi-dimensional flow cytometry, single cell RNAseq, immunophenotyping, or other leading-edge technologies (Nanostring, Spatial Omics, Cytof).
  • Expertise in the isolation of primary human immune cells and their characterization.
  • Proven analytical skills to interpret multi-modal data to generate key insights.
  • Ability to partner with cross-functional teams to drive initiatives forward.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.


Repertoire is committed towards social responsibility and developing an inclusive culture.  Much as the power of the immune system lies in the diversity of T and B cells, we believe that our work requires the creativity and ingenuity of a diverse workforce, and we are committed to pursuing that in all facets of the work experience at Repertoire.  We will continue to educate ourselves about the inequities and barriers present in our society and act as a company where we can make a difference.

Repertoire is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.