Senior/Principal Scientist: Dendritic Cell Process

Research & Development Cambridge, Massachusetts


Repertoire is seeking a highly motivated Senior or Principal Scientist to join the Cell Discovery
team. This team is responsible for innovation and early development of RIM’s best-in-class
natural T-cell therapy. The hire will have the opportunity to substantially contribute to T-cell
manufacturing by applying state-of-the-art immune biology to industrialized cell processes in an
effort to enhance the PRIME T-cell product. Specifically, the successful hire will develop
technologies for optimizing expression of tumor antigens in dendritic cells to maximize T-cell
quality and quantity. These technologies include methods of antigen delivery, DC/T-cell coculture,
antigen-specific T-cell enrichment, and analytical assessment of DC and T-cell quality.
The hire will work within a team of cell-process engineers, cell therapy experts, and analytical
scientists to assess, understand, and improve the function of RIM’s unique class of T-cell
therapy in collaboration with Translational, Process Development, and Analytic teams at

The new hire will:

  • Create best-in-class processes to generate potent dendritic cells from patient-derived monocytes
  • Use current or develop new methods to assess and characterize tumor-antigen peptide display on antigen-presenting cells
  • Design mRNA constructs for tumor-antigen expression in immune cells
  • Optimize and scale mRNA transfection methods for GMP manufacturing 
  • Assess effects of different methods of antigen-delivery and presentation on T-cell function
  • Contribute to new T-cell/DC co-culture technologies to improve reactivity, phenotype, and yield of the RIM T-cell product
  • Use strong verbal and written communication skills to communicate scientific and project updates to leadership
  • Manage scientific staff and projects as appropriate and demonstrate leadership to junior scientific staff
  • Successfully collaborate with CMC and Analytic Development teams to innovate and implement new T-cell and DC processes
The ideal candidate will have a strong background in:
  • Dendritic cell biology and characterization including methods of antigen uptake and peptide display
  • Nucleic acid (particularly mRNA) transfection techniques into immune cells
  • Dendritic cell and T-cell co-culture for the expansion of antigen-reactive sub-populations
  • Appropriate analytics to assess DC and T-cell phenotype and function
  • Project leadership in driving goal-directed science
  • Collaborative work within and across teams
  • Additional expertise in the following areas would be helpful:
  • GMP-scale manufacturing of dendritic cells or T-cells
  • mRNA construct design
  • Methods of T-cell culture to drive reactivity, phenotype, and yield

Must have a Ph.D. with 6+ years of post-doc/industrial experience in Biology, Chemistry,
Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, or related field with demonstrated