Data Scientist - Multiple Levels (TS/SCI with Poly Required)

Data Science Annapolis Junction, Maryland


A little about us:    

The Red Alpha Data Science practice grew out of Red Alpha's reputation in Software and System Engineering with our Department of Defense clients. As sometimes happens, customers who trust our expertise in adjacent areas asked Red Alpha to assist with some of their burgeoning Data Science problems.

Culturally, it probably suffices to say that we take our work seriously, but not ourselves. Our leaders have spent time in the trenches and have cursed daylight savings time changes and trailing whitespace as many times as you have. We like to say that we spend 80% of our time cleaning the data...and 20% of our time complaining about cleaning the data. Joking aside, our voices matter, and it is easy to see how our decisions affect the Data Science practice and Red Alpha as a whole. We have a clear vision of where we are headed.    

Our team takes a pragmatic approach to Data Science, defining it loosely as the intersection of technical expertise, business acumen, and soft skills to solve business problems with data. We spend a lot of time trying to understand the problem before we set about building a solution, and we prefer lower tech useful solutions over shiny algorithms and dust on the shelf. Did we mention we’re pragmatic? We have a diverse set of skills across our team, and whether you are a traditional Data Scientist (whatever that means…), an Applied Research Mathematician, a Database Engineer, a Full Stack Developer, or something else in that neighborhood, if you have a knack for picking apart data to make sense of it, we would enjoy having a conversation with you.

A day in the life:    

In this role, you will provide support and related services to the implementation of enterprise data representations in various mission domains. You will be performing end-to-end systems engineering for data flows from the perspective of data format modeling, data mapping, and support to implementers and mission customers. This role requires strong software and systems engineering expertise from cradle to grave with limited, high-level direction, in the areas of: 
  • Enabling and growing existing automation efforts, adding additional data streams, and driving forward data transformation efforts.
  • Focusing on the sponsor’s business analytics, metrics collection, and analysis efforts. The sponsor’s management team requires a data scientist to characterize the sponsor’s workforce, workforce productivity and output, and the value of collection to the workforce.
  • Possessing an instinctive aptitude to leverage information and knowledge sharing networks and navigate conflict in a way that fosters constructive outcomes. 


What you bring to the table:    

 Now on to the fun of formal requirements - we have to apologize in advance for the corporate-speak here, but just hold your breath for a few lines and everything will be okay. We are actively hiring data professionals for roles across a broad range of skill levels and projects. Our goal is to find the best fit for you so please note that if you apply to one of them and we see a fit elsewhere we will let you know. So do not worry about applying initially for every position you might be interested in.   

All of our data scientists need the following skills:    

  • Proficiency with a scripting language such as R or Python
  • Experience with data science techniques and algorithms such as classification, clustering, random forests, deterministic forests (jk), hierarchical modeling, deep learning, Markov Chain Monte Carlo, and others. Note that you do not need to have all of these (we hope you enjoyed our random smattering of techniques…!) but you should be comfortable and capable with several of them and know some others not on this list.
  • A B.S. Degree in Data Science, Mathematics, Computer Science or related field.
  • For entry-level data scientists, 0-3 years of experience on Data Science projects.
  • For mid-level data scientists, 3-6 years of experience on Data Science projects.
  • For senior-level data scientists, at least 6 years of experience on Data Science projects with at least 3 years of experience managing teams.
  • A TS/SCI with Polygraph security clearance.

For this particular role, you will also need:    

  • A broad range of knowledge including information technology, requirements, technical architecture analysis (e.g., understanding data flow diagrams, system architecture diagrams, etc.), and an understanding of functional and system analysis.
  • Knowledge of multiple development methodologies, Agile (Scrum & Kanban), etc.
  • An understanding of SIGINT

These are important skills to have, but not necessarily mandatory:    

  • Exceptional interpersonal skills. You know, as in you might not be at the top of the list to be a game show host, but you do like people and enjoy solving problems jointly with your colleagues.
  • Experience with Java, C, or other compiled languages
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Saturday Night Live sketches (just kidding)
  • Experience with SQL/NoSQL, Spark, Hadoop
  • Familiarity with Javascript and Scripting
  • Familiarity with Docker, GitLab, and React


Why Red Alpha?    

Every day, our elite customers are pushing through "the grind" to defeat the enemy, even putting their lives on the line for our freedom. Rise to the occasion with us to deliver engineering excellence, to match their dedication to this nation. Join us as we bring digital transformation to the fight.    
Some of our perks and benefits:
  • You can retire sooner rather than planned: Get closer to retirement with up to 12% in 401k contributions.
  • You can have a career AND a life: Enjoy up to 5 weeks of leave (25 days of personal time off) and 11 paid floating holidays.
  • You can stay at your best: As a member, we'll pay 100% of your premiums for comprehensive health, dental, and vision insurance. We'll also pay the majority of the premiums for your family.
  • Free access to a fully equipped state of the art gym!
  • $300 per year in company branded merchandise (Under Armour, Nike, Carhartt, YETI, etc.)
  • Fun events throughout the year including a holiday gala, whisky tastings, fall festivals, happy hours, and more.