Head of Global Capacity Managment

Data Center Ops San Antonio, Texas


Primary Responsibility:
Provide leadership and direction related to the various teams within GDCI Operations. Responsibility will include working with various operations teams across GDCI to develop and implement standardized processes that streamline the operation and improve the quality of work. The Director of Operations is responsible for collaborating with numerous teams across Rackspace, meeting with onsite customers, engaging in the build out and management of data center capacity, and driving changes that improve the customer experience.

Key Accountabilities:
• Ensure customer SLAs and deliverables are surpassed
• Lead cross functional activities designed to improve the performance of the GDCI teams
• Collaborate with the various GDCI teams to drive optimal efficiency through adherence to global processes, World-Class housekeeping, and continuous improvement
• Work with other business units to coordinate key activities and opportunities to streamline our performance and reduce non value added activity
• Create and maintain reliable and accurate data for performance monitoring and reporting. Leverage this information to drive the necessary actions
• Manage global data center capacity levels and lead activities to ensure our DC capacity is available in the right regions and yet optimized within each DC to minimize total CAPEX
• Take an active role in the design and build-out of new data centers
• Lead global DCOPS activities and projects to ensure teams are aligned and focused on both efficiency and effectiveness
• Implement quality systems across the GDCI Operational teams to advance the teams to becoming World-Class
• Host current and potential customers at the Castle by presenting to them an overview of our data centers during their tours or audits
• Act as an escalation path and leader for any incidents or events in the data center or the data center teams

Key Performance Indicators:
• Ongoing measurement of the site and team performance with a view to meeting SLAs and delivering continuous improvement
• A highly engaged and motivated GDCI Operations team focused on operational discipline
• 99.999% uptime for DNS systems
• Effective timely, and accurate roll-out and review of policies and standards
• Best-in class standards with excellent adherence to these standards across all data centers
• Up-to-date and accurate tracking of incidents and uptime matched with robust root cause analysis
• Effective and efficient use of space, power, cooling, and CAPEX
• Accurate space planning reports and budget plans
• Excellent communication between the DC and other teams and high feeling of goodwill between the teams
• Continuous improvement across teams driven through standardized methods and cross-team collaboration
• Fanatical customer tour experience and solid and accurate audit documentation
• Data center incidents are managed effectively with strong communication and timely root cause resolution