What Is A Racker?

At Rackspace, we call our employees "Rackers." That's not a title or a label—it is an attitude and reflection of who we are, what we do, and most importantly how we do it. Rackers are the voice behind the phone call, the brains behind our expertise and innovation, and the heart behind our service to customers. Exceptionally talented, creative, smart people helping the world leverage technology to achieve a greater purpose—that's who we are. Our belief is rooted in our vision to be the world's greatest service company. Each and every one of us delivers on our vision through shared core values that guide us as we volunteer our best every day.

We are
Customer Service Fanatics!

Rackers love technology. We love to help others. We believe in humanizing technology in a way that leverages our expertise on the world's leading clouds that will help the smallest start-up prosper as well as power data for universities conducting life-saving research. This is what we call Fanatical Support®—powered by Rackers. We are so serious about delivering Fanatical Support® that we created the Fanatical Jacket award to recognize customer service "fanatics."

We Are Continuous Learners

We are experts at what we do and we are always ready, always accountable and always helpful. That’s why we have an entire department called Rackspace University focused on delivering world-class training & development opportunities to keep us on the forefront of technology. Rackers have access to unlimited training courses, e-learning modules and coaching opportunities. And at Rackspace, learning starts on Day One. Our award-winning on-boarding program called Rookie Orientation (or Rookie-O for short) teaches new Rackers the depth of our product portfolio & services and what it truly means to be a Racker.

We Include All

We believe that an inclusive Rackspace is one that leverages all Racker's strengths and differing perspectives to drive innovation and deliver a Fanatical Experience. Driven by senior leaders, our Rackspace Inclusion Council champions inclusive people practices and an amazing workplace for Rackers all around the world. Our 14 global Racker Resource Groups provide Rackers an opportunity to connect with one another, grow professionally, and give back to the company’s culture.

We Believe in Once / Always

We believe in "Once/Always"—once you're Racker, you will always be part of the Rackspace network. Matt Wilbank's passion for helping customers blossomed while he worked at Rackspace. He worked alongside fellow Rackers to develop a tool to better manage customer interactions via social media—an idea that became the foundation for HelpSocial. We are proud to have countless former Rackers starting new businesses, funding new ventures, and changing the world. Once a Racker, Always a Racker.

We Are Passionate About Community

Fanatical Support® is not something we just talk about or a nice slogan to paint on the wall—it is a way of life. It defines the way we treat our customers, our fellow Rackers, and our communities. At the heart of each Racker is a desire to serve, and we are passionate about giving back to our communities all around the world. We have two primary avenues for community investment: Rack Gives Back and the Rackspace Foundation.