Senior Front-end Software Developer (Data Visualization)

Software Development San Antonio, Texas Austin, Texas


Overview & Responsibilities

 Rackspace Intelligence delivers an intuitive interface that gives users a transparent view into their infrastructure health along with actionable insights to improve system performance and availability. Rackspace is looking for a front-end software developer to work on the Intelligence Team. The team is creating a web application that provides Rackspace customers and Rackspace Support with insightful and actionable data on their servers and the environments supporting them. Rackspace is working to increase customer’s awareness of the status of their infrastructure. By providing one view of the infrastructure, Rackspace Intelligence enables collaboration between these users that is crucial for providing a fanatical user experience.

 In this role, you will work on a JavaScript stack with a thin Node.js server running express making use of APIs and Angular on the client side. Our styles are done in Sass and our visualizations are done using Flot. js.  Our software developers use several tools as part of our continuous integration and deployment environment including Grunt, Jenkins, Karma, Protractor and Selenium. We are looking for a strong contributor to the team that is creative and excited about the world of JavaScript and CSS.

In this job, you will be responsible for:

  • Designing and implementing new features using JavaScript, Node.js and Angular
  • Creating beautiful Styles in Sass
  • Participating in Agile methodologies
  • Creating unit and end-to-end tests


  • Strong working knowledge of JavaScript
  • Proficient in working with html and CSS
  • Familiar with HTTP, ReST, JSON

Nice to Haves:

  • Experience with Angular and/or React
  • Excited about data visualization
  • Familiar with build tools such as Grunt, Gulp or Webpack
  • Knowledge of testing tools such as Jasmine or Selenium
  • Previous use of Sass, Git, Chef, Docker, and Jenkins