Senior Software Developer - Managed Public Clouds

Software Development Remote, United States


Our team is distributed by design. We don’t want location to be a barrier to hiring the best talent. We have team members working out of those offices and spread across the country in every timezone of the continental United States. We rely heavily on electronic forms of communication, most notably Slack for chat, Zoom for video conference, and GitHub Pull Requests and Issues for deep collaboration and feedback on technical issues. Our primary form of communication happens over Slack, but we also have some meetings over Zoom as a team and we’re quick to hop on Zoom to pair program or help troubleshoot an issue with another developer. With all that said, you have the option to work from home or, if you prefer the office life, we have locations in San Antonio, TX, Austin TX, and Blacksburg VA.



We’re busy building out the platform to bring Fanatical Support to customers of Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Our platform enables customers to manage their cloud accounts with Rackspace and it provides our support Rackers with the capabilities to build, monitor, and maintain customer environments within those clouds. Some of the services you may work on are permissions management across different cloud providers, monitoring enablement on customer environments, secure access to compute instances within customer environments, and the user interface to expose all of this functionality to both customers and Rackers.


How We Do It

Our platform is powered by various microservices, which consist of standalone tasks, HTTP APIs, and a web application for the user interface, and we own the full stack of each service. That means our team writes code for application logic and infrastructure, and we are operationally responsible for the services we run. We practice continuous integration and delivery and deploy our services to production multiple times a day. We use a variety of tools and technologies across our services. Here are just a few that you will have the opportunity to work with: 

  • Node.js (for back-end services)
  • Golang
  • React (for the user interface)
  • Terraform (for infrastructure)
  • AWS (e.g. ECS, DynamoDB, Kinesis, Lambda)
  • Docker
  • Datadog
  • PagerDuty


How We Work

We work in small teams of 3-5 developers. Each team owns a subset of the services that power our platform and has their own roadmap of features that they work on. We try to be agile and adapt to changes in the roadmap as they arise. Teams will usually have weekly squad planning and retrospectives to make sure they are continually improving the way they work.


Who We’re Looking For:

We’re looking for developers who can work well with others and push our team to be better. We work with many technologies and are continuously evaluating new technologies to assess their fit within our solutions, so a strong desire to learn is a must. Overlap in experience with the technologies we work with is a plus but not required, especially if you are motivated to learn. We have a passion for quality and are looking for someone who is comfortable with owning the quality of their applications through both automated and manual testing.



This position requires a BS in Computer Science or a related field, or equivalent experience.  The ideal candidate will also have at least 2-5 years of practical experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Building web applications with a modern Javascript framework
  • Building and consuming HTTP APIs in a service-oriented architecture
  • Operating cloud applications in production (handling deployment, monitoring, logging)