Software Intern

Engineering Bangalore, India


Company Description

Quotient supports millions of consumers through major retail partners in the US. Our mission is to simplify and influence consumer digital shopping experience. As we continue to build the best place to innovate, build and work with others, there’s a perfect spot for you to grow with us.

Team Description

New graduates and interns at Quotient work alongside our data engineering team, architecting the growing family of products that handle over billions of digital transactions for our retail partners and to support our consumers with best targeted mobile shopping experience. From day one, you’ll have the responsibility and the support you need to make a difference on a significant scale.

Role Description

Quotient’s Data Engineering Team is developing the best Machine Learning (ML) team to develop high impact solutions that touch millions of people and lots of data. From images to completing consumers shopping journey in every possible way, the Quotient’s ML team developing solutions using a full range of ML techniques from computer vision to supervised learning to deep learning to online learning. While some of our algorithms run on mobile devices, others require large clusters on our infrastructure. We are looking for Machine Learning interns with an academic or practical background in machine learning, ideally with experience in natural language understanding, information retrieval, knowledge extraction, or deep learning.


• You will work to design, code, train, test, deploy and iterate on large scale machine learning systems.

• You will build delightful products and experiences for millions, working alongside a cross-functional team spanning Engineering, Product and Analytics.

• You will apply your skills and expertise in your area of research to practical problems faced by Quotient


• You are pursuing or have strong interest in computer science academic courses of study in machine learning or a related field (e.g. NLP, information retrieval, computer vision)

• You have read publications in top-tier conferences or journals in your field

• You have solid software engineering skills, including experience with Python or Java

• You have some experience with machine learning software packages (e.g., scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Caffe, Theano, Torch)

• You have some experience with one or more of the following: natural language processing, deep learning, bayesian reasoning, recommendation systems, learning for search, speech processing, learning from semi structured data, reinforcement or active learning, ML software systems, ML on mobile devices.

• You should have strong programming and mathematics background