CNC Router Operator

Operations Molalla, Oregon



Set up and operate CNC router


Essential Functions

  • Follows Job Hazard Analysis and Standard Operating Procedures at all times.
  • Read router packet to identify priorities
  • Communicate with material handler to deliver correct material as designated on packet
  • Read setup sheet to identify tool and location in ATC
  • Transfer program to router PC
  • Verify setup by measuring door with calipers
  • Label product after routing
  • Clean and maintain machine
  • Provides support to other department members, and performs other departmental tasks as needed.


Job Knowledge

No education or experience required.


Job Skill

Some interaction with those inside the organization to exchange factual information.


Processes and procedures are well defined.


Job Effort

There is an occasional need to assess risk as well as to make determinations about tasks and deadlines.


Positions is physically demanding throughout the entire work day (continuous).


Job Responsibility

Position has some need or ability to analyze problem or concepts or make decisions on the information. May have some impact to and influence on organization operations, programs, expense or budgetary outcomes.


Expected to handle regularly assigned work which includes making decisions and taking action under limited supervision. New or unusual work is performed with a moderate degree of supervision, assistance, and review.


Has little to no planning responsibility beyond the need to schedule own work and determine impediments to own work schedule.

Not responsible for any supervisory functions or responsibilities, but may occasionally be asked to orient and/or train new employees.


Working Conditions

Position has a work environment of moderate hazards or obstacles.  There is some personal risk or hazard.  Job conditions are somewhat uncomfortable due to varying work environments; outside job tasks; inclement weather; exposure to chemicals; machinery; electricity; or individuals of unpredictable, possibly harmful intent, etc.  Work that is somewhat physically demanding which creates a possible risk.


The work schedule occasionally fluctuates based on organization or customer needs. This fluctuation may occur with or without prior notice.