Team Lead-Fireplace

General Application Rice Lake, Wisconsin


The Team Lead is the change agent within the department and as such must have the ability to cooperatively develop, communicate, implement, audit and enforce standard work at every operation within the department. Must understand, generate ideas and be able to implement continuous improvement/5S principles and be the driving force for improvement within their department. Help develop and ensure employees are following standard work.


The Team Lead must project a positive attitude, be open and willing to help others when needed and have excellent attendance.



  • Leads Tier meetings
  • Conducts daily safety audits and ensures all employees are wearing appropriate PPE and operating safely.
  • Assist and actively participate in all accident/near miss investigations and quality corrective/preventative action.


  • Understands quality expectations and works with all team members to assure quality procedures are being followed and standard work is affect
  • Works from prints, sketches, specifications, instructions to order and maintain stock, communicate orders, check employees’ work, monitor equipment, ensure absence of defects on products; notify supervisor of unusual conditions, equipment malfunction or material discrepancies; maintain equipment and work area in clean, orderly condition
  • Must be qualified to run all products in the department and setup and troubleshoot new products when introduced.
  • Must be qualified to setup and troubleshoot all equipment in the department.
  • Must be flexible with hours across all shifts to train and coach.


  • Must project oneself in an open, friendly manner and work well with others. Must demonstrate the ability to encourage others to cooperate and work together. Must be relied on to work independently with superior results.
  • Must be qualified to coordinate and lead the implementation of improvements within their department.


  • Oversees department personnel on the floor and monitors performance levels.
  • Under general supervision, assists the Supervisor with the daily activities of planning and scheduling.
  • Coordinates special programs and projects and can facilitate activities working with Production, Engineering and R&D.


  • Serves as the main contact in the absence of the Group lead or Supervisor.


  • Must be able to develop, implement and monitor standard work.


  • Conduct regular 5S audits to ensure department has all of the required tools and is being maintained according to the 5S principles.



Use all precision measuring instruments, gages, fixtures, machinist’s common hand tools, power driven tools and appropriate material handling equipment.


Must work overtime on short notice as required to support production needs.


Accurate and legible record keeping, including but not limited to daily logs, standard work, general work orders, quality documentation, etc.  


Must maintain a valid forklift license.


This description represents the most significant job duties but does not exclude other work or production duties assigned or required but not mentioned. These duties will be determined by the department Supervisor and be based on your abilities and the needs of production.