Forklift Operator

Operations Molalla, Oregon



Picks up and transfers material, takes out dumpsters, stages material and unloads trucks; keeps inventory of stock.


Essential Functions

  • Follows Job Hazard Analysis and Standard Operating Procedures at all times.
  • Inspects forklift per schedule to ensure proper and safe operation.
  • Loads material, delivers to line, and stages for use by operations.
  • Unloads trucks, checks in and tags material, ensuring receipt of correct material; organizes and stores in appropriate locations.
  • Delivers and stages pallets of material in production; stacks, bands, and stages empty pallets for pick up; loads in container for return.
  • Swaps out, and empties full scrap and garbage dumpsters in appropriate locations throughout the plant.
  • Conducts monthly inventory counts
  • Provides support to other department members, and performs other departmental tasks as needed.


Job Knowledge

No education or experience required.


Forklift license required.


Job Skill

Operates from established and well-known procedures; performs duties under moderate supervision.


Communicates with others who work both inside and outside the organization; seldom communicates confidential or sensitive matters. Most communication is face-to-face, but also uses phone and email. Continuously reads, writes, understands, reads and speaks English.


Processes and procedures are well defined.


Knowledge of computers and ability to make routine decisions required. Must be able to identify different species of wood.


Job Effort

Performs within recurring work situations with some variations form the norm; may choose order of tasks, but does not have freedom to eliminate tasks. Job involves a minor degree of complexity.


Requires some physical effort and manual labor such as lifting, carrying or constant movement. Employee stands constantly, frequently walks, talks, grasps, and handles product weighing up to 45 lbs. Frequently works extended hours.


Job Responsibility

Maintains and verifies inventory lists, forklift checklists. Has some need to analyze problems or make decisions based on the information; has some impact and influence on organization operations, programs, expense or budgetary outcomes.


Performs recurring, routine work with regular supervision; generally functions from a set of instructions or written procedures. Occasionally encounters some variations from the norm, and provides suggestions in such instances.


Schedules own work and determines impediments to work schedule. Additionally, foresees issues associated with own work and identifies future needs for supplies, equipment, and resources.


Has no supervisory functions or responsibilities, but may occasionally be asked to orient and / or train new employees.


Working Conditions

This level has a work environment of moderate hazards or obstacles.  There is some personal risk or hazard.  Job conditions are somewhat uncomfortable due to varying work environments; outside job tasks; inclement weather; exposure to chemicals; machinery; electricity; or individuals of unpredictable, possibly harmful intent, etc.  Work that is somewhat physically demanding which creates a possible risk, should also be placed at this level. 


The work schedule occasionally fluctuates based on organization or customer needs. This fluctuation may occur with or without prior notice.