Tooling Maintenance Technician

Operations Tooling Winnebago, Illinois



To work as part of a team with various departments providing a fully functional tool to meet customer expectations in a quick, yet efficient manner using SPC and other resources available.


  • Disassemble, clean, inspect, repair and reassemble tooling after production or test run.
  • Prepare tooling for production set-up.
  • Help diagnose and correct problems encountered running tooling on line.
  • Cleans and repairs dies heads and flange plates.
  • Operates Sonic Tank to clean dies or other tooling that is made completely from stainless material.
  • Inspect tooling for wear, damage or other discrepancy and take appropriate action.
  • Wire, test, install and maintain heater bands and accessories.
  • Conduct water pressure test for leaks and proper flow.
  • Operate Extrudehone machine to restore profile polish in dies after production run.
  • Operate high pressure hot water unit to help assist in cleaning and unjamming of calibrators.
  • Legibly document and maintain information to insure fully functional tooling.


  • Understand set-up/operation of Die/Calibration systems
  • Able to operate without supervision: Extrudehone, Band Saw, Belt Grinder, Bench Grinder, Feeler Gauges, Flow Meters, Power/Hand Tools, Sand Blaster, Solvent Tank, Sonic Bank
  • Proficient with shop math