General Application Rice Lake, Wisconsin


Compliance with safety rules required at every operation.


Quality inspection required at every operation.


This description represents the most significant job duties but does not exclude other work duties assigned or required but not mentioned, the inclusion of which would be conformity with the factor degrees assigned.


Perform unskilled duties required to keep assigned sections of office, factory including aisles, washrooms, locker rooms, lavatories in a clean, habitable condition; keep grounds, lawns, shrubbery, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, paved areas neat, clean.


Work from clearly defined verbal instructions. Sweep, scrub, mop, wax floors; dust, polish furniture, fixtures; clean, wash walls, windows, ledges, drinking fountains, toilets; wash basins, other equipment or conveniences. Remove litter, scrap, waste paper, other refuse. Mow lawn, trim, pull weeds, spread fertilizer, shovel snow, remove ice. Replenish paper towels, soap, toilet paper, other supplies in washrooms, lavatories, locker rooms. Report faulty, worn equipment to superior. Remove trash from dumpsters and bale cardboard.


Use power floor scrubber, lawn mower, snow blower, common janitorial, gardening, similar tools, supplies, power baler, trash compactor and cleaning chemicals.