DevOps Engineer - Terraform/Azure DevOps (Lima)

Software Development Lima, Peru


Qualifacts is a leading provider of behavioral health, rehabilitative and human services software and SaaS solutions for clinical productivity, compliance and state reporting, billing, and business intelligence. Our comprehensive portfolio, including the CareLogicCredible, and InSync platforms, span and serve the entire behavioral health market.

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The Opportunity:

The primary purpose is to design, implement, and maintain a streamlined and efficient development and deployment pipeline within an Azure-based environment. Supporting the organization's software development lifecycle by leveraging Azure DevOps tools and practices to automate and optimize processes, enhance collaboration among development and operations teams, and ensure the continuous delivery of high-quality software solutions. The Azure DevOps Engineer will be responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining our Azure DevOps pipelines. They will also be responsible for working with other engineers to deploy and manage our .NET Framework applications on-premises. Responsible for configuring, managing, and optimizing the Azure DevOps platform, which includes building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines, monitoring application performance, and ensuring the reliability and availability of applications. You will collaborate closely with development, testing, and operations teams to identify areas for process improvement, implement automation solutions, and troubleshoot any issues that arise throughout the development lifecycle.

Your Responsibilities:
  • Design, develop, and maintain CI/CD pipelines using Azure DevOps tools to enable the automated build, test, and deployment of applications across different environments.
  • Implement and manage Infrastructure as Code practices using tools like Azure Resource Manager templates or Terraform to ensure consistent and reproducible infrastructure deployments.
  • Streamline application deployments by automating release processes, minimizing manual interventions, and ensuring the reliability of deployment mechanisms.
  • Set up monitoring and alerting solutions to proactively identify and resolve performance bottlenecks, system outages, and application errors in the Azure environment.
  • Collaborate with security teams to implement best practices for securing applications and infrastructure in alignment with industry standards and compliance requirements.
  • Manage source code repositories using version control systems (e.g., Git), including branching strategies and code merge processes.
  • Foster effective collaboration between development, testing, and operations teams to enhance communication and accelerate the delivery of software solutions.
  • Regularly assess the CI/CD pipeline and development processes, identifying opportunities for optimization, increased automation, and enhanced efficiency.
  • Provide technical expertise to troubleshoot and resolve issues related to deployments, infrastructure, and application performance in Azure environments.
  • Maintain clear and updated documentation of CI/CD processes, infrastructure configurations, and best practices.
  • Work with other engineers to deploy and manage our .NET Framework applications on-premises.
  • Automate the deployment and testing of our .NET Framework applications.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot our .NET Framework applications.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest Azure DevOps and .NET Framework features and best practices.

What we want:
  • Technical/bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering or related careers.
  • Advanced English.
  • Previous exp. as a System Administrator or Developer.
  • Exp. with Azure DevOps (or similar tools, to deploy code).
  • Ideal exp. with .NET development Frameworks.
  • Exp. with Terraform or similar tools.
  • Clear understanding of pipelines creation.

What we offer you:
  • Economic bonus and merit review.
  • Full Health Insurance (EPS and oncologic) for you and your direct dependents.
  • Fully paid English program and LinkedIn Learning membership.
  • All legal benefits (CTS, 30-day paid vacation per year, life insurance, etc.).
  • Generous holidays policy.