Social Media Intern



About Us is Italy's largest local service marketplace, expanding internationally. We help millions of users to find a local service professional: we cover 600+ services, ranging from wedding photographers to plumbers to guitar teachers. Within a few years, we expect that booking a plumber or a painter online will be as effortless as buying a book. 

We were born as a startup and even though we are experiencing an advanced phase of growth, the startup agility still guides our processes and decisions.  

We don’t like bureaucracy - data in hand, we prefer to act and experiment rather than procrastinate. It’s more efficient to make mistakes and learn from them rather than remain stable and wait unless we become perfect.

We are obsessed with learning - dedication, hardwork and openness to feedback are the clues to constant self-improvement and innovation. 

We are proud of our international and informal environment. Our employees come from all over the world - there are more than 16 different nationalities at ProntoPro, English is our first language. We work hard and have fun at work!

For our headquarters in Milan, we are looking for people who get excited at the prospect of building a huge company that will greatly affect the lives of millions, as it already does in Italy. 


Internship at Marketing

We work on making the platform easily accessible to both customers and professionals, through organic marketing and paid marketing activities that cover all possible channels. There is also a team in charge of PR, social media and communications who cares about external communication, both to our professionals and clients. 

During your internship you will support the team of Marketing and will have the opportunity to learn the Digital PR tools, processes and dynamics. 

The projects usually last up to 6 months. We have a strong preference for curricular internships.



  • You are an Italian native speaker, and you feel comfortable in speaking in English;
  • You are currently enrolled at the University;
  • Instagram and Facebook have no secrets for you;
  • You are a fantastic communicator and passionate about the social activity;
  • You are itching for real responsibility - to be in a position where you can really make or break the company;
  • You figure things out. You do not expect nor need hand-holding.

Your Role 

You will be an integral part of the Content team, within the Marketing department, that manages and defines all the communications with the ProntoPro users, merchants and other external stakeholders

Your job will transform several times. Initially, you will be taking over simple tasks as a way to learn the ins and outs of ProntoPro; but quickly you will be expected to go beyond, look at what can be improved and bring your unique contribution to ProntoPro. We are looking for entrepreneurs who take real ownership, not waiting for someone to tell them what to do. 

Your tasks:

  • You will learn to define and implement the ProntoPro social media strategy;
  • You will support the content team to manage the italian social media channel;
  • You will help to define KPIs: social engagement rate, reputation
  • You will learn to finalize Weekly/Monthly reports with useful and actionable insights
  • You will learn to edit social media templates (Photoshop and Figma)
  • You will develop new social media visual content in coordination with Design team

Our culture and environment - what you can expect

  • An opportunity to bring impact and change the service market dynamics, in a stimulating and international environment
  • A chance to solve hard problems and do things you have never done before 
  • Great, knowledgeable colleagues - we spend much time together and constantly learn from each other
  • Flexible working hours and alternated work from home/in the office
  • Lunch vouchers for every day worked from the office and free fruit
  • EVERYDAY casual dress code, with Friday beers on us!

Selection steps - how it works

🔎 CV and Portfolio screening

👋 First contact - The first call with our Recruiter, generally focused on getting acquainted and figuring out if you and ProntoPro make a good fit for one another.

🧑‍💻  Assignment - The assignment is aimed at better understanding your abilities and knowledge in the field. 

🔬 Interview - A 45minutes technical interview with our Recruiter and our PR Specialist.

🤝 Internship offer