Senior Data Engineer

Engineering Milan, Italy


Senior Data Engineer

Working at ProntoPro

You will have visibility over the whole business and not just on your area of competence.

We strongly believe that everybody can give an important contribution, also from the architecture, product, and business strategy point of views.

You will be part of our Technology department, currently counting 20 people and expected to grow up to 30+ people during 2020.

You will create a scalable product that will support ProntoPro hyper-growth.

You will work in an environment which is highly focused on tech trends and agile methodologies.

In particular, you will play with the following stack: Python, Airflow, Spark, SQL, R,  PHP, Aurora, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Git,

We continuously strive for enriching/upgrading our tech stack and we cannot wait for your contribution!

You will also attend meetups/events and have the chance to speak about how we face and solve tech challenges at ProntoPro.



We are looking for a Senior Data Engineer willing to join our Technology department.



  • Maintain and develop new features of the Data Pipeline
  • Develop, together with other departments, data-related projects



  • Ability to rapidly prototype an end to end solution for problems
  • Ability to learn in complete autonomy how to use and take advantage of new tools 
  • Solid experience with Python (Scripting, Notebook, ...)
  • Experience with the AWS services (EMR, EC2, Redshift, …)


Bonus points

  • Experience with data processing (Spark, Kafka, Kinesis)
  • Experience with orchestrators (Airflow, Luigi, …)
  • Experience with containers (Docker, ECS, Kubernetes, …)
  • Experience with DevOps tools (Terraform, Ansible, …)
  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL databases (MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, …)
  • Experience with data science libraries (Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, …)
  • Experience with deep learning libraries (TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, …)
  • Experience with agile methodologies