Senior Technical Animator

Art/Animation Bellevue, Washington


About The ProbablyMonsters™ Incubation Team

Established in 2016, ProbablyMonsters is a next generation independent game company that creates long-lasting studios and exceptional games. Revolutionizing the way AAA game studios are built, ProbablyMonsters provides its teams the resources and creative environment needed to foster stable, rewarding, and life-long careers while delivering best-in-class entertainment through a positive people-first culture.
We have built three studios so far. Each of them has a unique identity built around the type of gamer experience they are creating. Knit together inside the ProbablyMonsters family culture, all studios are bonded by the core values of respect, trust, accountability, and approachability.
Connected by the company’s mission to unite, guide, and empower developers to create exceptional entertainment experiences, developers are given the confidence, security, and stability to create and ship their games free of distractions.

Our Incubation Team focuses on prototyping new ideas, new game concepts, new franchises, and the incubation of new studios with the ambitious vision to create genre defining games for the next generation of players. This is one of those unique opportunities that only happen once in a lifetime. We are looking for an Senior Technical Animator with a focus on Animation, to join a character-driven action game in its incubation.
The ideal candidate is skilled and experienced in rigging, skinning, and tools creation and knowledgeable in animation workflows and practices. You will be working with a multidisciplinary group of artists, designers, and engineers to build an animation pipeline from the ground up for a new IP as well as build production tools, develop efficient and intuitive workflows, and advocate best practices.

Who You Are:

  • Unwavering in your commitment to creating a positive and inclusive work environment.
  • Always striving for excellence and growth in your craft.
  • You are excited to develop tools and workflows to support and empower animators and artists.
  • Excited about quickly translating concepts into functional prototypes and iterating on those ideas.
  • You look forward to working closely with other departments to develop best practices, technical guidelines, and troubleshooting issues.
  • You understand the importance of documenting workflows and sharing knowledge.
  • You are passionate about helping build world-class characters.
  • You consider yourself a game-developer and understand how your work elevates the experience.
  • The prospect of working in a highly collaborative, highly iterative, multidisciplinary environment excites you.
  • You pride yourself in your empathy and your ability to effectively listen to and communicate in clear and concise ways.
  • You are continually on the lookout for ways to systemically improve quality and productivity.
  • Your experience reflects your passion for empowering developers and projects with intuitive tools and workflows.

What You Will Do:
  • Creating tools that increase efficiency and reduce repetition. Such as integrating Maya and other DCC's with perforce to do bulk import/export, auto check out, meta data tagging, bulk renaming, etc.
  • Creating tools to help Animators and Artists efficiently animate and model. Such as pose libraries, copying keys, animation retargeting, auto animating secondary's, artist friendly GUI's & scripts, and much more!
  • Building and maintaining game and cinematic quality character rigs as well as other rigs from our Environment or VFX teams.
  • Creating an auto rigger that fits our pipeline needs.
  • Building out DCC and engine functionality to maintain a 1:1 relationship between the two. Such as replicating our character camera from the engine to Maya or supporting Maya Live Link with Unreal.
  • Optimization passes to make our character rigs more performant with LOD reduction either in engine or using a 3rd party tool.
  • Provide feedback on workflow and tools for the team at large.
  • Participate in our teamwide playtests and give feedback on the experience.

Minimum Qualifications:
  • 5+ years experience as a Technical Artist or Technical Animator creating rigs.
  • Experience developing pipeline tools for artists.
  • Professional experience working with animation pipelines.
  • Fluent in scripting (Python/Mel/MAX Script).
  • Expert knowledge in at least 1 major 3D DCC. Maya preferred.

Nice to Have:
  • Experience shipping with Unreal Engine.
  • Technical Skills: Scripting.
  • Interest in contemporary CGI techniques.
  • Experience in runtime animation tools such as physics and simulations.
  • Experience creating API's or plugins.