Senior Technical Cinematic Artist

Art/Animation Bellevue, Washington



Our mission is to create industry-leading multiplayer games for players around the world.  We are working on an unannounced and original next-generation AAA title.

Firewalk Studios is looking for a Senior Technical Cinematic Artist who is passionate about interactive storytelling and bringing exceptional entertainment to millions of players. As our Senior Technical Cinematic Artist, you will build and maintain the runtime cinematic pipeline and collaborate with the content and engineering teams to deliver the best possible cinematic experience.


  • You enjoy solving technical problems and take pride in enabling others to do their best work through technological solutions.
  • You have a deep desire to push cinematic storytelling in video games.
  • You love making video games and can empathize deeply with our players.
  • You foster good working relationships with fellow teammates and can use your technical knowledge to bridge gaps and solve misunderstandings.
  • You understand the unique design and scalability problems that come with runtime cinematics.
  • You are an excellent communicator and can work with many different teams with ease.

  • Collaborate with Cinematics Team to build and maintain an iterative and efficient cinematics pipeline.
  • Combine and assemble all animated components for a cinematic in engine.
  • Collaborate with engineering to solve a technical issue that occurs in a cinematic.
  • Work with outsourced content and develop efficient pipelines for these assets.
  • Work with the Cinematics Director to create a technically challenging camera move.
  • Collaborate with the FX Lead to get an effect to behave properly in a cinematic.
  • Join a playtest to see how characters are playing and to give notes on the entire game.

  • You have shipped at least one AAA title from start to finish, or equivalent game development experience as a cinematics technical artist.
  • You are proficient in Maya.
  • You have extensive experience with Unreal 4 Sequencer.
  • You understand the Unreal 4 rendering pipeline and how to create great-looking cinematics with it.
  • You are experienced working with mocap data in cinematics.
  • You have experience working with a script or code to create cinematic pipelines.
  • You have at least 3 years’ experience as a Technical Artist, Animator, or Designer.

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