Executive Producer

Production Bellevue, Washington


Our studio is looking for an Executive Producer who is incredibly passionate about making games and bringing exceptional entertainment to millions of players. You will be part of our leadership team, responsible for setting a clear and achievable plan for our current project. Keeping us focused and resilient and being a beacon for studio culture. You will need strong interpersonal and leadership skills to help our teams work better together. You will support everyone to help deliver a world-class multiplayer experience. Would you be excited about achieving our goals with us?

You wake up excited about making awesome games, and building a world-class production team in order to do so.
You have extraordinary expertise in successfully debugging and refining development processes. You're passionate about helping people and teams find a better way to work together.
You are thrilled to work on both long-range resource and production planning as well as near-term execution of these strategies. You can switch between macro and micro views of the project to ensure we are planning effectively.
You have the communication skills necessary to push project leadership to be decisive and take on hard choices without creating long-term resentment or friction.
You are often the calm in the storm, and model effective and respectful communication for the rest of the team. You believe that shipping a world-class game is easier when groups approach each other with trust, respect, and clarity, and you live that every day.
You can draw complex information from teammates to accurately forecast where we're heading, spot trouble before it arrives, and push the team to address it.
You have shipped successful "AAA" titles from start to finish, including online/live game experiences.
You find time to know the industry, play video games, and empathize deeply with our players because you love making games.

Build out an experienced and trusted production team, focusing on growth and mentorship.
Work with the Game Director to develop, drive, and update a master project schedule.
Ensure strong communication and transparency for efforts across the studio.
Map out risk mitigation plans for our near-term and long-term project deliverables.
Coordinate with test to understand scope better for complex features.
Work with leadership on development and deployment of studio-level strategic initiatives.