Senior Gameplay Designer

Design Bellevue, Washington


About Cauldron Studios
Cauldron Studios™, a ProbablyMonsters studio, is developing a AAA game. We are looking for a Senior Gameplay Designer to join our design team. You will author and drive the implementation for and maintain major systems that drive the user experience.

Who You Are:

  • You have a passion for crafting gameplay scenarios that create player experiences.
  • You are very organized.
  • You are hands-on and resourceful, you love to build the player experience out of any asset or resource you can.
  • You prefer collaboration with a cross-disciplinary team to work alone.
  • You deal well with ambiguity, helping the team to define the parameters of what makes a ‘quality experience’ for the player.
  • You want to tell a story in everything you create.
  • You think of an experience in terms of the spatial, as well as logical.
  • You are a strong systemic thinker.
What You Will Do:

  • Take all available content and systems at your disposal to create scenarios that, strung together, create a dynamic player experience.
  • Drive additional asset requests, and work together with the combat, world, and narrative teams to posit alterations to existing assets.
  • Build, test, respond in the software as you iterate to the ‘fun’.
  • Work with Design Director, Systems Designer, and Engineering on tuning systems that deliver the scenarios you create to the player.
  • Work alongside the world art team on developing spaces in the world to deliver your content.
Minimum Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of game design experience, with singular ownership of mission-based, level-based, and or systemically delivered content in a delivered product.
  • Possesses an understanding of how different development disciplines work and how their inputs contribute to feature development.
  • Experience in Level Design a plus.
  • Modeling experience is a plus.
  • Experience with implementing narrative elements a plus.
  • Significant skill in communicating design concepts effectively, in written, visual, and verbal format.
  • Proficiency with Unreal 4, and authoring Blueprints is a must.
About ProbablyMonsters Inc.  

Established in 2016, ProbablyMonsters™ is the first of its kind as a family of sustainable game studios that create and launch original AAA games through a people-first culture. The company has revolutionized the way game studios are built. In a gaming world where new AAA studios and stable developer careers are equally rare, ProbablyMonsters stands out by fostering both with excellence. ProbablyMonsters mission is to unite, guide, and empower talented teams to create exceptional interactive experiences. Its unique development model provides Cauldron Studios and all ProbablyMonsters studios the confidence, security, and stability to create and ship their games free of distractions. Learn more about us at