World Building Lead (Writing)

Writing Bellevue, Washington


At Firewalk Studios, our mission is to spark incredible multiplayer experiences that inspire memorable moments. We’re building a world-class, next-generation game studio where people come first. For us, setting a high-quality bar, creating something extraordinary, and treating each other with trust and respect go hand-in-hand. Creating new worlds that ignite imagination and connection takes a collaborative team of amazing creators. Join us to deliver awesome gaming entertainment, rooted in strong gameplay and inspiring art, that captures the joy of playing together. We are currently working on an unannounced, original multiplayer game that is being published by our partners at Sony Interactive Entertainment and we are actively looking to add passionate, visionary creators who thrive in environments where the “status quo” just won’t do and who genuinely want to be part of a collaborative, inclusive, and respectful team. Firewalk Studios is proud to be part of the ProbablyMonsters family of studios.

Our studio is looking for a World Building Lead (Writing) who is passionate about creating universes and bringing exceptional entertainment to millions of players. Our World Building Lead (Writing) is responsible for creating, editing, and collating the history, cultures, places, and goings-on in our IP.

  • You are driven to achieve excellence in creative world-building.
  • You are a skilled writer that has a knack for creating fictional places that feel real.
  • Your imagination takes you to far-away places where exciting adventures are the norm.
  • You are an amazing collaborator who loves the creative process and working with other creative minds.
  • You love crafting worlds where there is no detail too small or historical events too obscure.
  • You are a great communicator, able to work across disciplines comfortably.
  • You are great at managing tone and style to a consistent experience.
  • Your writing is impactful and thrilling.

  • Meeting with the game director to review your latest set of ideas.
  • Iterating on the history of a planet to inspire the art team and fill their heads with ideas.
  • Working with other creatives on an exciting new idea that is inspiring the team.
  • Reviewing work with Directors and Leads to ensure there are alignment and consistency across disciplines for the IP.
  • Collaborating with the Locations team on an idea for a new world.
  • Documenting and editing the fiction guide so other creatives understand the guidelines.
  • Going to a playtest to see how the fiction is working and to give notes on the entire game.
  • Working with the character team to help realize the backstory of an important character.
  • Working with the narrative team to inject deep fiction into the cinematics.
  • Shipped at least one successful AAA title from start to finish, or equivalent game development experience.
  • Experience working on major IP.
  • Excellent world-building writing samples.
  • Experience managing other writers and editing their work.


Established in 2016, ProbablyMonsters™ is the first of its kind as a family of sustainable game studios that create and launch original AAA games through a people-first culture. The company has revolutionized the way game studios are built. In a gaming world where new AAA studios and stable developer careers are equally rare, ProbablyMonsters stands out by fostering both with excellence. ProbablyMonsters mission is to unite, guide, and empower talented teams to create exceptional interactive experiences. Its unique development model provides Firewalk Studios and all ProbablyMonsters studios the confidence, security, and stability to create and ship their games free of distractions. Learn more about us at