Lead FX Artist

Art/Animation Bellevue, Washington


Our studio is searching for a world-class real-time Visual Effects Artist. 


Who You Are: 

  • You are a game maker who is acutely aware of the role your work plays in the final product.
  • You are able to work collaboratively with a strong creative team.
  • You are dependable and have the ability to deliver high quality, performant VFX on time.
  • You are an expert in Unreal Engine 4 VFX tools with an emphasis on Cascade and Materials.
  • You are learning Niagara and are excited to explore the possibilities of this new tool!
  • You have a strong understanding of animation fundamentals and can express a broad range of animation styles.
  • You have strong traditional art skills and leverage them to add life to your VFX.
  • You are an expert in Photoshop and After Effects.
  • You are an expert in a minimum of one 3D software package.
  • You are experienced with Houdini and can use it to generate runtime simulations and animations.
  • You have a strong understanding of the performance implications of your VFX and find creative optimizations that maintain visual quality.


What Your Day Might Look Like: 

  • Meet with the Art team to discuss qualitative feedback from the most recent playtest. 
  • Work with an Environment Artist to seamlessly integrate your VFX into a level.
  • Have lunch with a prospective new hire.
  • Deconstruct slo-mo footage of ordinance detonations to improve your animated texture sheet.
  • Build an amazing new magic effect that inspires Design to evolve a character ability.
  • Spend some time playing the most recent build, making notes, and communicating feedback to the team. 


Our studio is a team of seasoned interactive designers and storytellers. Our team is dedicated to creating unique game worlds with unparalleled cohesive integration of gameplay design and storytelling.