Physician-Critical Health Solutions

Physician Jobs Jersey City, New Jersey


Premise Health the nations leading provider of employer based direct care and wellness, is looking for a physician to provide support Part Time for our Critical Health Solutions initiative in New York City

Premise Health is a leading worksite health and patient engagement company dedicated to improving the cost and quality of employee healthcare. We believe healthcare should be about helping people get, stay and be well. That's our mission and it's the foundation of everything we do. With more than 40 years of experience, Premise Health manages more than 500 worksite-based health and wellness centers across the country. The company serves more than 200 of the nation's leading employers, including a significant number of the Fortune 1000.


The primary focus of the Critical Health Solutions (CHS) Physician is to provide platinum level case management advocacy services to Goldman Sachs employees and their immediate family members, and to provide clinical support to the CHS nurse case managers. The CHS Physician will also build relationships with key providers and centers of excellence on behalf of CHS and Goldman Sachs (the Firm). The CHS Physician reports clinically to the CHS America Medical Director


Essential Functions:


1. Assist with CHS cases with the following criteria:

       a. Tier 3 cases

       b. As requested by the CHS Nurse or GS Wellness Manager

       c. Cases involving Employee Relations or senior HR

       e. Employees who would benefit from speaking directly to a physician

       f.  Where the CHS Physician needs to have direct consultations with community physicians

2. Be available to cover 24/7 emergency calls for new and existing cases

3. Support the CHS team when requested

4. Communicate with the entire CHS team (e.g. via e-mail) when a new case is initiated so that a case manager can be assigned and everyone be made aware

5. Document case notes for each employee/patient or case-related interaction, and share updates with CHS Nurse

6. Review medical records and specialists’ reports and ensure appropriate updates and file notes are compiled in a timely manner

7. Attend weekly CHS team meetings to review active cases. Recommendations from these meetings to be noted and followed up

8. Assist in training to ensure that all CHS team members are adhering to the same high standards

9. Communicate with consultants and specialists regarding specific cases

10. Be available to communicate with current patients, specialists, CHS Medical Director, Premise Senior Director, and the Goldman Sachs’ Medical Director

11. Participate in Global calls with CHS London

12. Identify opportunities for building relationships with new key facilities both in NY/NJ and other Regional office locations

13. Continue Professional Development and support CHS Nurses with professional development.

Required Qualifications:

1. Clinician with at least 5 years’ experience, preferably including corporate health

2. Commitment to the highest quality standards

4. Strong interpersonal skills

5. Understanding of Goldman Sachs’ culture

6. Ability to works well as part of an integrated team

7. Flexibility and knowledge to assist in management of a wide range of clinical problems

8. Recognition of the frequent need for urgent response, and the need to  maintain regular contact with CHS team during active case management

9. Ability to research and utilize medical information

10. Understanding of responsibility to maintain strict confidentiality


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