Staff Customer Quality Engineer

Quality Assurance Penang, Malaysia


Job Description

Staff Customer Quality Engineer will be responsible for providing support to Power Integrations customers in China on timely quality problem resolution to ensure customer satisfaction.  This person will act as a liaison between the factory and the customers on matters of resolving customers’ production and field quality problems, thereby promoting PI’s quality value.

Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Visit customers as necessary to resolve customer satisfaction issues arising from any quality problems and/or customers' perceptions about PI quality. Frequent (monthly) travel to China is required.  Extended presence (weeks) in China may be required when quality actions require close customer contact.
  • Perform initial evaluation of customer applications for verification of problems as reported by the customer and prepare preliminary reports in English and Chinese for customers and the failure analysis engineers at PI HQ.
  • Perform fault isolation and defect analysis/ characterization on power IC’s to identify root causes of product failures in reliability test, production test, and/or power supply applications. 
  • Obtain failure analysis data and results from his/her counterparts in HQ failure analysis engineering groups and prepare failure analysis reports in English and Chinese.
  • Provide comprehensive technical reports to requestors/customers on findings from product/power supply failure investigations. 
  • Advise internal and external customers regarding corrective actions based on the results of the analysis. 

Experience & Requirements

  • Fluent verbal and written communication skill in Mandarin and English is required.
  • Must have direct experience in customer interface on resolution of customer quality problems.
  • At least 5 years of engineering experience in Switch-mode Power Supply applications, and analog, and/or mixed signal integrated circuit devices.
  • Experience in technical problem solving of switch mode power converters.
  • Experience in failure analysis of power semiconductors, analog, and/or mixed signal IC devices.
  • Hands-on experience in failure analysis, and electrical fault isolation and defect characterization tools and techniques such as the following: ATE, curve trace, micro-probing, light emission microscopy, OBIRCH, liquid crystal, CSAM, XRAY, FIB, SEM and deprocessing techniques. 
  • In-depth understanding of both digital and analog circuits, device physics and IC fabrication processes. 
  • Ability to interpret system level schematics, the IC level schematics, and IC layout of CMOS and bipolar devices is required. 


  • A B.S. degree in electrical engineering or equivalent technical discipline with 8 years’ experience.
  • MSEE or equivalent discipline with 6 years’ working experience is preferred.