Bilingual Part-Time Licensed Mental Health Clinician

Clinical Newark, New Jersey


Bilingual Part–Time Lead Mental Health Clinician  

Location: Newark, New Jersey 

Job Type: Part-Time  

Hourly: $40-$55 an hour (based on requirements/qualifications) 

Welcome to Positive Development, a new model of care in autism. 

Who we are: 

Our mission is to help children and adolescents with autism build more natural, meaningful connections with their families and communities as they achieve greater growth, independence, and joy. We believe deeply in the power of the developmental approach because we have seen firsthand the transformation our children and families experienced. 

People come to Positive Development for the cause and stay for the community. Few jobs provide the opportunity to change lives meaningfully while allowing you to work as your true, authentic self. We embrace diversity and difference among our staff and respect you for who you are – just as we do our clients. Best of all, we have so much fun together. 

Our Lead Mental Health Clinicians are key members of the therapeutic team at Positive Development. They work in collaboration with Occupational Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists to provide a true developmental and trans-disciplinary approach of excellence to children and their families.  

We are seeking an authentic, joyful, growth-minded Bilingual Lead Mental Health Clinician to join our growing team in Newark, New Jersey!

Daily Responsibilities Include:  

  • Develop interventions that aim to build and strengthen a meaningful emotional relationship with the client, harnessing on their individual interest and gearing to their specific needs. 
  • Use a relationship-based approach to assist the client in moving to higher developmental levels and more functional behavior capacities. 
  • Provide support to the family in understanding the client and how to help reach their highest potential. 
  • Provide support to a Developmental Autism Specialist who is delivering 6 to 15 hours a week of in-home or clinic developmental interventions. 
  • Occasionally will be required to support program development, lead training groups, and facilitate social club groups as additional job responsibilities.  
  • Monitor each child’s progress on an ongoing basis. Record session notes in the child’s Electronic Health Record and communicate progress to other members of the team, including the parents.   
  • Participate in team meetings and ongoing supervision.   
  • Provide ongoing mentoring and support to new LMHCs as they join the team.  


  • Clinical licensure required in the State of New Jersey
  • Strong desire to learn the Developmental Model through training, observation and reflection 
  • Strong communication skills both written and oral in English/Spanish
  • Passion for working with children on the autism spectrum 
  • Ability to work seamlessly and respectfully on a trans-disciplinary team 
  • Flexible schedule 



  • Master's in Social Work, Marriage and Family, Cognitive Health, Clinical Psychology/ Clinical Counseling etc. 

Medical Specialty: 

  • Pediatrics 


  • Outpatient clinic located in the Newark, New Jersey area  
  • In-home setting 

Benefit Conditions: 

  • Only full-time employees eligible 
  • Referral Program 

Please note: Employment is dependent on passing a background check consistent with our company standards. 

If you would like to Start Here and Build a Career with Positive Development, we would love to hear from you!