Cinematics Artist

Cinematics Leamington Spa, Warwickshire


Playground Games is seeking Cinematic Artists who will be responsible for story and character driven cinematics needed to realise the vision for Fable, our open world action RPG. 

Your cinematic expertise will cover a broad range of key areas including cinematography, lighting, performance direction and editing. You’re required to have strong skills in storytelling, cinematic theory, framing and composition as well as a deep understanding of character development and performances.


  • Collaborate with the cinematic team to stage, compose, and sequence cinematics.
  • Quickly iterating on pre-vis.
  • Collaborating with other disciplines to produce cinematic concepts and colour scripts.
  • Champion a strong vision and maintain quality, style and continuity, both visually and technically throughout the project.
  • Conceptualising and implementing strong layout, cinematography and editing.
  • Collaborating to implement highly curated cinematic lighting.
  • Implementing cinematics into the game engine and testing to ensure that they fit.
  • Updating documentation


  • Understanding of visual AND observational storytelling.
  • Developed skills in critical reasoning and emotional awareness within storytelling.
  • Highly skilled in cinematography, lighting, editorial.
  • Experience with directing actors is a plus.
  • Experience with cinematic or sequencing tools (Unreal, Unity, Motion Builder etc.)

This is an exceptional opportunity to join an established, highly experienced and collaborative team, within one of the world’s most exciting games studios. It provides exciting challenges for new or experienced developers looking to establish their career and create world class games.