VFX Artist

Art Eugene, Oregon


Position at Pipeworks

Position Purpose

The VFX Artist will work closely with the Art Lead/Studio Art Director to create high quality, efficient and visually consistent VFX across various projects and styles, ranging from cartoony to realistic effects, for console, PC and mobile platforms.

Essential Job Functions



  • Create stunning visual effects that support any given project in a timely manner
  • Investigate and test optimal approaches for each platform that hit the highest quality within the given project requirements
  • Understand what the Art Lead requires for the project then research, develop and implement solutions in engine
  • Handle all aspects of the VFX pipeline, from concept to final implementation
  • Manage and provide feedback for internal and external VFX artists



Qualifications/Skills Sets



  • At least 2+ years of experience creating visual effects
  • Unity particle system experience is a must
  • Experience with Maya or equivalent modeling program
  • Ability to create 3D and 2D elements and an understanding of PBR lighting and material authoring
  • Understanding of traditional art concepts
  • Ability to assess big suggestions and come up with creative solutions
  • A readiness to explore multiple solutions to multiple problems simultaneously to identify the best solution to a given challenge
  • Strong understanding of motion, physics and timing
  • Works closely with Tech Art to develop new or iterate upon techniques and tools to improve VFX quality
  • Strong communication ability
  • Ability to self-manage and keep a clear and consistent schedule
  • Provide estimates for project planning and scoping
  • Inter-department work with Engineering, Design and Production as needed
  • Understanding of bug fixing and investigation
  • Contribute to studio level VFX needs within a marketing realm

Preferred Qualifications



  • High end dynamic VFX experience in Houdini, Maya or Max a plus
  • Unreal particle system experience a plus
  • After Effects and video experience a plus
  • Shader creation (node based or HLSL) experience a plus
  • Basic scripting (C#) experience a plus


Demonstrated Ability To



  • Make strong visually impactful moments that show a strong understanding of both real and cartoony visual effects
  • Work in a self-managed and organized way
  • Work effectively with other artists and engineers to achieve project goals
  • Solve problems to the benefit of the project/team
  • Motivate other VFX artists to improve on their skills


Education & Experience Required


Any degree or certification in Art or equivalent work experience.

Materials Required


Candidate should provide portfolio of art that they have created or directed and a resume detailing the projects/studios that they have been a part of.