Technical Artist - MetaTeq Projects, Purpose-Driven Games

Art Eugene, Oregon


Position at MetaTeq

Position Purpose

A Metateq staff Technical Artist (TA) will work with project Art Leads, the Senior Technical Artist, and other artists and engineers to design and implement solutions according to the creative, visual, and workflow needs of various projects.  Potential areas of involvement include – but aren’t limited to – project setup and logistics, maintenance and documentation of best practices and procedures among artists, animation systems, lighting, render pipeline, tools and shader development, VFX, and camera rigs, and gameplay scripting.


The Technical Artist will work with a time on-site in Eugene, OR on exciting Purpose-Driven Games projects.

Essential Job Functions


  • Ability to communicate clearly – verbally and in writing – with artists, engineers, designers, and management to present and implement solutions which – as much as is realistically possible - satisfy all groups
  • Implement creative solutions to all manner of game development challenges, from the mundane to the arcane
  • Create art-centric technical solutions to immediate and future project needs
  • Manage and monitor art asset import, integration, and optimization in the Unity game engine
  • Develop and maintain in-game animation, camera, and gameplay-support systems
  • Create performant, compelling, and artist-friendly shaders and visual effects
  • Design and implement of productivity-enhancing, artist-facing tools and workflows and best practices


Qualifications & Skills


  • Unity experience is a must
  • Working knowledge of Maya, specifically the ability to script custom tools (in MEL and/or Python) that enhance efficiency and/or help alleviate the highly repetitive tasks
  • A basic understanding of optimization in real-time environments, some of the common art-related causes of poor game performance, and idea of how poor framerate can be addressed
  • Understanding of "artistic concepts", e.g., modeling, lighting, shading, and animation, and visual effects
  • Ability to assess occasional contradictory technical and artistic needs and come up with creative compromise solutions (that is to say, make everyone believe they’re getting what they desire)
  • A willingness to explore parallel solutions to a problem simultaneously
  • Demonstrate a strong working knowledge of C# programming in context of the Unity game engine
  • Comfortably script in Python or MEL (Maya Embedded Language); familiarity with the Maya API is a plus but not essential
  • Familiarity with C++ or other high-level programming languages is beneficial
  • A general knowledge of programmable shaders is beneficial
  • Overall attention to detail, both visually and technically
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • The desire to work as part of a team with the shared goal of developing as compelling a product as possible​​

Education, Experience, and Requirements


  • A degree in computer science, art (with a distinct technical bias), engineering, or real-time / interactive technology, and/or a minimum of one year of relevant industry experience is required.
  • US Citizen (due to project requirements)


Benefits and Perks


  • Medical, Dental, and Vision
  • 401K
  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Generous Paid Time Off and Holidays
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Fitness Club Discounts
  • Annual Company Events
  • Project Wrap Parties

Pipeworks Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion


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