Case Manager

Medical/Healthcare Hanover, PA



  1. Shall provide the Case Management core function of coordination of services to individuals seeking recovery from a substance use disorder by means of a comprehensive process which addresses an individual’s treatment and non-treatment needs throughout an individual’s treatment and recovery process.


  1. Assist in helping individuals and their families in navigating the drug and alcohol system to ensure appropriate and expeditious access to treatment and non-treatment needs.


  1. Promotes easy access to drug and alcohol services within the drug and alcohol system at large and assists in transitioning the drug and alcohol system from a complex system to a streamlined, easily accessible system.


  1. Shall promote individuals’ engagement and retention in treatment and other non-treatment services.


  1. Services shall be mobile and support of individuals shall occur at the location which best supports the individuals’ engagement, retention and re-engagement in treatment services.


  1. Assists individuals in addressing treatment and non-treatment needs by implementing a comprehensive service plan based on the results obtained from the assessment process.


  1. Ensuring that the resources to address the individuals’ needs are in place, and that those resources are made available in a timely and appropriate fashion.


  1. Shall conduct individual follow-up at required intervals and update the service/recovery plan as needed.


  1. Shall empower individuals in assuming responsibility for their own recovery and through a collaborative process, works with individuals and their families to develop and implement their individual recovery plan.


  1. Shall facilitate the transition from a professionally directed recovery plan to a self-directed recovery plan.


  1. Ability to work with persons who have physical, mental or emotional disabilities or who are economically disadvantaged or involved with the criminal justice system.


  1. Ability to plan and organize work, prepare records and reports, set priorities, and maintain a caseload in an effective and timely manner with minimal supervision.


  1. Assists individual in having their voices fully heard, by ensuring that their needs, goals and objectives are the focal point of services.


  1. Identifies barriers (individual or system) to full participation in treatment and non-treatments needs and assists in developing strategies to overcome such barriers.


  1. Shall provide case coordination services as individuals’ transition into, through and to the next level of care in the continuum of treatment services as well as when transitioning into and returning to the community to promote continuity of services.


  1. Shall enhance individuals’ knowledge of service availability and promote individuals’ self-sufficiency within the system, etc. while practicing progressive disengagement as individual knowledge base grows.


  1. Shall ensure warm hand-off to recommended services occurs.


  1. Shall ensure re-engagement efforts to individuals who do not show for services or leave services prior to being discharged.


  1. Shall provide direct assistance with accessing Medical Assistance or other healthcare

benefits until proper enrollment has occurred based upon eligibility.


  1. Acquires and maintains practical knowledge of available treatment and non-treatment resources and how, through these services, individuals and their families can gain access to appropriate service and support that will increase successful treatment engagement and completion rates, promote early re-engagement for those who have relapsed, and provide pathways to recovery for individuals not in need of clinical treatment services.


  1. Demonstrate proficiency in such areas as: engagement; coaching; linking; advocacy; use of recovery support services; etc.


  1. Understand the addiction process and recovery process as it relates to the individual, individuals’ family, friends, colleagues, employer, etc.


  1. Maintains knowledge of the current social, economic and health problems impacting the local community and individuals seeking substance abuse services.


  1. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with individuals from various cultures and social economic backgrounds.


  1. Maintains beneficial dialogue with members of the treatment staff, as necessary, regarding individuals.


  1. Understands and adheres to all policies, laws, regulations, codes of ethics, and confidentiality as out lined by State, Federal and other applicable laws and regulations.


  1. Maintains required case records and prepares and submits all required records, reports and documentation in an accurate and timely manner.


  1. Adheres to all DDAP mandated reporting systems requirements.


  1. Shall adhere to SCA policy and procedure.




  • A Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Dependency, Sociology, Social Welfare, Psychology, Nursing or a related field; or
  • A bachelor's degree which includes or is supplemented by successful completion of 18 college credits in sociology, social welfare, psychology, criminal justice or other related social sciences; or
  • Any equivalent combination of experience and training*.


*Acceptable Experience - Definition of Terms: 


  • “Direct service experience” means direct client contact. “An alcohol or other drug treatment setting" means any in-patient, out-patient drop-in or referral center where direct treatment of substance abusers takes place.  Typical settings include detoxification centers, hospitals, crisis intervention centers, d/a rehabilitation centers, outpatient centers, and partial-hospitalization facilities.


  • "Counseling or case management work" involves developing structured relationships with individuals to help them identify, understand and cope with social, economic and personal problems or conditions. It includes interpreting psychological, social, medical, educational and related information, and developing and implementing a case plan or service plan to address individual needs and alter behavior.  It also includes providing constructive guidance, and making referrals to other social service agencies.




  • Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History Check
  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance
  • FBI Clearance completed through Department of Human Services
  • Must not be excluded from participation in Medicare, Medicaid, or any other federal health care program

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer with a commitment to diversity. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or veteran status.