Iron Butcher Mechanic

Maintenance King Cove, United States


The Iron Butcher Mechanic is responsible for maintaining, repairing and installation of Iron Butcher processing machinery and other fish processing equipment including but not limited to food-grade conveyors, processing pumps, grinders and a variety of seafood processing equipment. The candidate sets an example for the department staff in work ethic, safety, and attitude by working efficiently to maintain a high level of production for the seafood processing facility.

Essential Functions:

  • Troubleshoot, adjust, and repair Iron Butcher and similar heading and gutting machines to achieve maximum recovery and quality.
  • Rebuild and maintain pumps.
  • Troubleshoot, repair, and build hydraulic and pneumatic system components.
  • Troubleshoot, build, and repair conveyors.
  • Weld and fabricate aluminum or stainless.
  • Timely and regular attendance.
  • Work in a safe manner and take action to correct or report safety hazards to Safety Manager or Chief Engineer.
  • Recognize operator errors and correct their behavior in a constructive manner.
  • Other duties as assigned.


High school diploma or GED equivalent preferred but not required.

Experienced in multiple mechanical skills, including knowledge of millwright, hydraulic, pneumatic, plumbing, building maintenance, fabricating and welding processes.


The Iron Butcher Mechanic possesses a wide variety of mechanical skills regarding seafood processing equipment such as food grade conveyors (plastic and stainless), processing pumps (meat and water), and grinders.

The candidate must be willing to easily adapt to a wide variety of tasks assigned to them. The candidate must be able to take quick action, exercise independent decision making and resolution of mechanical malfunctions in a rigorous seafood environment. They are willing to follow directions and carry out duties with a sense of urgency and keen attention to detail.

The candidate is frequently required to set an example by consistently modeling high standards of honesty and integrity. The candidate is widely trusted and is a direct, truthful individual who presents information in an appropriate and helpful manner, maintains a reputation for honesty, confidentiality, reliability, and fairness, is willing to admit mistakes, and doesn’t misrepresent himself or herself for personal gain. The candidate performs work with energy and drive and values planning, but will take quick, decisive action when an opportunity presents itself. Speaks, reads, writes, and understands English for effective communication.