Lead Surgery Veterinary Technician

Veterinary Technician Austin, Texas


Position at Pet Specialists of Austin

This position is located in Austin, Texas. 

Pet Specialists of Austin is now hiring a Full- Time Lead Surgery Veterinary Technician to join their INCREDIBLE specialty team!

Opened in January 2021! Our hospital team includes board-certified doctors, tenured veterinarians, nursing staff, and compassionate front office team members to ensure your clients and patients are getting the best in veterinary medicine care.

At Pet Specialist of Austin your extraordinary technical skills will be utilized to provide top quality medicine using state of the art equipment in a progressive specialty practice.

We invest heavily in our employees with many opportunities for growth and development! We offer outstanding benefits including medical, dental, vision, paid parental leave, 401k, PTO, Mile Stone Award Bonus Program, continuing education, and generous pet discounts!

The Lead Surgery veterinary technician is not only responsible for providing all veterinary nursing duties in the hospital but also provides direction to veterinary technicians and assistants. The Lead technician should be knowledgeable in a wide variety of areas and is able to train staff in these areas including client service, communication, clinical pathology, radiology, animal nursing care, anesthesia, surgical assistance, emergency medicine, among others. The lead technician is expected to uphold the hospitals core values while maintaining professional composure. The lead technicians time should be managed between on the floor and administrative time at a ratio of 80:20.  

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Associate degree in Veterinary Technology preferred 
  • Credentials (RVT, CVT, LVT) preferred 
  • Prior supervisory/management experience preferred. 
  • 2 years previous experience as a veterinary assistant or technician in a surgical department
  • Prior customer service experience required. 


Core Job Duties: 

  • Performs administrative duties such as: training, scheduling, documented coaching. 
  • Performs continuous training of new and current staff. 
  • Provides leadership within the hospital to delegate cases and tasks, as well as ensure technical procedures are performed according to process in a timely manner. 
  • Able to attend monthly lead meeting and disseminate information to staff through all forms of communication (email, verbal, meeting, etc.) 
  • Prior customer service experience required. 

Nursing/Patient Care: 

  • Assess patient status, take patient history, perform tech exam, and assist veterinarian in exam room. 
  • Monitor changes in patient condition and report them to the veterinarian on duty. 
  • Perform emergency patient care as needed. 
  • Perform nursing care of patients requiring isolation. 
  • Calculate medication doses and administer via all routes - to include CRI medications. 
  • Perform cystocentesis as directed. 
  • Place urinary catheters as required. 
  • Perform venipuncture for phlebotomy and IV catheterization. 
  • Administer IV/SQ fluids as needed. 
  • Chart in the patient’s medical record appropriately using correct medical terminology, symbols, abbreviations, and spelling. 
  • Apply a variety of bandages.  

Laboratory Procedures: 

  • Operate all laboratory equipment in the veterinary practice including microscopes, hematology, and chemistry analyzers, among others. 
  • Perform microscopy for blood, skin/ear cytology, fecal and urine analysis as needed. 
  • Perform all in-house testing such as PCV/TP, Heartworm, Flea/Tick, FeLV/FIV and Parvo snap tests, cross match for blood transfusions., etc. 

Radiology Duties: 

  • Observe all required safety protocols for capturing radiologic images. 
  • Be able to properly obtain all required diagnostic radiographs, including basic contrast studies. 
  • Be able to properly utilize ultrasound machine for guidance with sample collection. 

Anesthesia/Surgical Duties: 

  • Perform pre-operative physical examination. 
  • Assist with creation of anesthetic plan and calculate and administer all induction medications. 
  • Prepare OR suite for a variety of surgical procedures. 
  • Operate a variety of anesthetic machines and circuits including rebreather and non-rebreather systems. 
  • Be proficient in intubating all species seen in the practice. 
  • Properly induce, maintain, and recover a patient from anesthesia. 
  • Properly operate and interpret anesthetic monitors including ECG, BP, SPo2, ETCO2, Temperature, etc. 
  • Maintain the anesthetic machine including pre-op setup, checking, and changing of CO2 granules and oxygen tank maintenance. 
  • Understand pharmacology of and use of anesthetic and analgesic medications. 
  • Be able to respond in an anesthetic emergency and assist the veterinarian. 
  • Resuscitate neonatal patients as needed. 
  • Perform proper surgical instrument cleaning and maintenance. 
  • Prepare and sterilize surgical packs. 


  • Direct technicians and triage assistants daily workflows by assigning cases, procedures and monitoring work is performed efficiently. 
  • Handle issues arising out of inefficiency such as late procedures, missed charges, or inappropriate staffing. 
  • Oversee the technician and assistant schedule and assign work schedules, approve vacation time and overtime as needed. 
  • Train new and current staff in all areas of the hospital 
  • Ensure staff maintain proper attitude, knowledge, skills, and abilities always. 
  • Model professional behavior by wearing appropriate dress, being on time for shifts, addressing gossip, and providing support to upper management. 
  • Delegate tasks appropriately and aid staff or assume primary nursing duties as required. 
  • Constantly seek opportunities for staff advancement in knowledge, skills, and abilities. 
  • Work with Management for discipline of staff members as needed. 


Physical Requirements: 

  • Dependable attendance is required. 
  • Must be able to lift 40 pounds. 
  • Must be willing to work long or irregular hours under high pressure conditions while maintaining composure. 
  • This position requires the ability to walk, bend, stand and reach constantly during a minimum 8-hour day. 
  • Visual acuity sufficient to maintain accurate records, recognizes people and understands written directions. 
  • Ability to speak and hear sufficiently to understand, give information in person and over the telephone. 
  • Fine motor skills adequate for utilizing office equipment and hospital equipment such as laboratory equipment, radiology equipment, etc. 

Special Requirements: 

  • May be required to work evenings, weekends, and holidays. 
  • May need to work overtime.