Veterinary Extern Coordinator

Human Resources Austin, Texas


Position at Pathway Vet Alliance & THRIVE

In partnership with leadership teams, you will develop and launch a process for tracking and supporting student externs through every point of connection with Pathway & THRIVE. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Responsible for managing and tracking overall student clinical experience compliance. 
  • Counsels students on expectations, requirements and guides students to appropriate resources. 
  • Work proactively with students to ensure all necessary health and safety documentation is uploaded and approved in required systems. 
  • Proactively partner with students to determine and identify best placement options. 
  • Responsible for outreach and development of clinical sites and extern supervisors, for hospitals that are new to hosting externs 
  • Partner with veterinary schools to integrate their systems for student selection of externship opportunities with our systems 
  • Identifying extern needs – housing, school credit, etc – and ensuring we meet those needs 
  • Connect with local, regional, and national medical and operations leadership to ensure a quality experience, both medically and culturally, in each practice that hosts an extern 
  • Utilize surveys and personal check-ins to collect feedback on extern experiences and improve the process accordingly 
  • Partner with university recruiters to create seamless transitions into the offer stage of the recruiting process 


Skills & Abilities: 

  • Exceptional customer service and communication skills 
  • Creating and coordinating complex schedules, calendars, activities, and events 
  • Setting priorities, making critical decisions, and remaining flexible in high pressure situations 
  • Executing responsibilities in a timely, meticulous and professional manner, while demonstrating initiative and creativity 
  • Excellent organizational skills 
  • Maintaining database systems to protect confidentiality of data and records 
  • Creating, managing, and using data to support decision making 
  • Ability to interact effectively with university and vendor administrators and leaders