Emergency Veterinary Intern - ER Academy

Veterinarian - Intern Columbia, South Carolina


Position at South Carolina Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Care

ER Academy is a premiere, 1-Year emergency medicine focused internship designed for new graduates who desire to become emergency veterinarians. Our goal is to provide training encompassing high quality emergency care and client communication, in addition to providing the tools needed for longevity in emergency medicine. (Candidates must be a licensed Veterinarian to participate in the internship.) 

ER Academy is hosted by Pathway hospitals in these locations:

• Emergency Pet Clinic, San Antonio, TX

• Fort Collins Emergency and Rehabilitation Hospital, Fort Collins, CO

• South Carolina Veterinary Specialists, Columbia, SC

• Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Care Center, Largo, FL

A day in the life of an ER Academy Intern…
You will be scheduled with a senior veterinarian, committed to your mentorship. This allows for presentation of cases and feedback as you are seeing patients. You will also have primary case responsibility within the 1st month and will be allowed to cut surgical cases as your experience develops.

The interns across all 4 locations will join for orientation, surgical training, and weekly didactic rounds. This collaboration allows for improved continuing education through journal clubs, grand rounds, case rounds as well as a larger community of interns.

By the end of the internship year, we expect you will be well-versed in most emergency medicine presentations, and be proficient in typical ER skills, procedures, and surgeries. At completion of the internship, you will be highly marketable and capable of comfortably going into any emergency veterinary facility with the tools needed to succeed.

If that sounds like the perfect fit for you, we are looking for Doctors who:
· Are passionate about emergency medicine
· Understand the benefit of a structured mentorship that will you set you up to form excellent habits and strengthen your veterinary education.

While each hospital follows the same program model for ER Academy, there are differences in both the offerings of each hospital and the culture. We invite candidates who are interested in this internship model to apply to all locations to maximize their acceptance to the program and to truly find the best personal fit.

Salary + Benefits + Schedule:
· All interns will be scheduled on shift with a Mentor Veterinarian
· Interns scheduled on shift no more than 50 hours/ week
· $50,000 annual salary
· Stipend to cover state license, DEA registration, PLIT liability insurance. Also, memberships in AVMA, VECCS, VIN, and Ignite.
· Paid travel and housing for orientation in Austin, TX at Pathway Vet Alliance**
· No obligation to continue employment after the conclusion of the 1-year program.
· Well qualified candidates will have opportunity for a sign on bonus if they elect to continue employment with a Pathway Hospital.

Specific Training Included:
· Paid CE for FASTVet ultrasound course
· Paid CE and travel for ER surgical techniques, endoscopy foreign body retrieval, echocardiography and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Fort Collins, CO
· 1 -week rotation in specialty that could include Neurology, Radiology, Surgery,
· Monthly coaching sessions on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
· Basic and Advanced Life Support online CPR training through VECCS Recover CPR Initiative.

**Please note that due to the COVID pandemic, travel has been limited to decrease likelihood of exposure. While every effort will be made to return to live in person events in 2021/2022, it is possible that interns may have to continue with remote or limited experiences. **

You take care of Pets. We take care of YOU!
We look forward to considering you for a spot on our team.

Local Hospital Information
Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialists is located in Largo, FL just outside the cities of Saint Petersburg, FL and Tampa, FL. We are centrally located and very close to the Gulf Coast beaches. Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialists joined the ER Academy internship program for new graduates two years ago and are excited to continue this program at our hospital. Our hospital is open 24/7/365 for emergency and critical care. In addition, we have specialists in surgery, internal medicine, radiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, medical oncology and neurology with plans to add additional specialty doctors.

This ER Academy allows you to be immersed in emergency medicine within the first week by being the primary clinician seeing a wide range of emergencies. You are scheduled on shift with a senior clinician dedicated to mentoring and ensuring your success while allowing you to be the primary clinician.
You will be supervised in surgery with the goal to be competent in emergency soft tissue surgeries such as:
· C-sections
· Pyometras
· Gastrotomies
· Enterotomies
· Gastropexies
· Splenectomies

We provide a structured and mentored program to develop emergency veterinary clinicians who are learning clinical, communication, and personal skills to allow a long and satisfying career in emergency veterinary medicine.