Certified Veterinary Technician ($5000 Sign on Bonus)

LVT/RVT Portland, Oregon Portland, Oregon


Position at Powell Veterinary Center at Powell Blvd

$5000 Sign On Bonus for Veterinary Technicians!!!

Powell Veterinary Center is a progressive veterinary hospital in Portland.
 We are looking for a full- time skilled CVT that enjoys a fast pace environment and problem solving. We pride ourselves in providing a contagious culture and work/life balance for our employees. 

Salary Range: $20-$25 

We offer an incredible benefits package including health, vision, & dental, paid parental leave, matching 401(k), PTO, generous pet care discounts, and much more! See our website for more information: http://www.powellvet.com/ 


  • 10 or 12 hour shifts
  • 1-2 years Experience required  

Work Location:

  • Possible two locations
Why work at Powell Veterinary Center?

Powell Veterinary Center is the oldest veterinary clinic in the city still located at its original site. The clinic was built by Dr. Kreitzer in 1929, and served as both his residence and clinic. Dr. Lathrop purchased the practice in 1984 and immediately set about modernizing the equipment and facility. The building was again completely remodeled in 1997 to accommodate our ever increasing equipment demands and our interest in pet dentistry.

Duties and Responsibilities –

Possess complete understanding of all knowledge required for, and skill set of, an experienced Veterinary Technician or skilled Technician Assistant, expertise may include:

  • Perform Vitals on our patients (TPR, Blood Pressure, etc)
  • Give accurate and detailed rounds
  • IV catheter placement/Venipuncture
  • Set up/Monitor Anesthesia
  • Laboratory duties including, but not limited to diagnostic testing
  • Knowledge of common medications and precautions when dispensing for home use
  • Demonstrate the comprehension and treatment of common emergencies
  • Assist with and perform basic and advanced CPR
  • Appropriately calculate and set up continuous rate infusions
  • Obtain urine samples via cystocentesis
  • Perform Blood Transfusions including cross matches, blood typing, set up and administration of the transfusion. Understand and recognize transfusion reactions
  • Surgically prepare patients for minor surgery including proper clipping, prep and positioning
  • Correctly and safely restrain animals
  • Appropriately assess bladder size and express the bladder if required
  • Be familiar with common medications used in the hospital
  • Understand the different types of crystalloids and colloids and know when they should be used. Set up and maintain a buretrol with fluids and additives when applicable
  • Perform routine intravenous inductions and intubate anesthetized patients safely. Demonstrate how to check correct positioning and cuff inflation (RVT only)