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Radiation Therapist – Apply if you Love Animals!

PetCure Oncology, one of the most exciting and innovative veterinary oncology providers in the country, is seeking a unique, highly energized, compassionate Radiation Therapist for a full-time role as our Traveling Radiation Therapist (covering locations in CA, AZ, TX, FL, WI, PA, NJ). The position would require coverage for the permanent site RTT’s PTO, maternity/paternity leave, illness/elective surgery, etc. The position requires approximately 90% travel. During the other 10%, special projects can be done as work-from-home.

The primary role of the Radiation Therapist is to administer radiation treatments, including stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), to canine and feline (and occasionally other species) patients under the remote OR on-site supervision of a board‐certified veterinary radiation oncologist OR on-site DVM hospitalist. Additional responsibilities include CT Simulations, compassionate patient care, plan QA, excellent client care, diligent documentation in ARIA, and an elevated level of communication and teamwork.

Duties and Responsibilities:

· Being the single RTT on-site, with an on-site DVM/Remote Radiation Oncologist OR an on-site Radiation Oncologist and Vet Tech support

· Providing the highest level of care and service to pet families and veterinarians.

· Being a primary communicator to pet families regarding radiation, side effects, and follow‐up.

· Accurately delivering the prescribed course of radiation therapy and basic assisting in monitoring the patient’s physical condition during treatment.

· Documenting patient information in medical records and uploading pertinent patient imaging for cloud‐based planning.

· Validating plans and performing QA with Portal Dosimetry

· Using CT imaging and positioning to help determine how to best direct the radiation to minimize damage to healthy tissue (CBCT & some MV imaging)

· Performing custom immobilization and CT imaging.

· Patient positioning and linear accelerator adjustment.

· Assisting in quarterly inventory

· Linear accelerator warm‐up and checking beam consistency and accuracy of alignment.

· Being comfortable with discussing the cost of services and collecting payments for services

· Following radiation safety protocols in a competent manner/participating as the on-site Radiation Safety Liaison with the Statutory Radiation Safety Officer

· Promoting SRS through education and participation in community and veterinary events and other duties according to company needs and your strengths and desires over time.

Ideal Candidate Education/Experience:

A minimum of two years as a staff radiation therapist delivering RT in human or veterinary medicine. NOTE: Veterinary experience IS NOT required for this position.

Prior experience with Varian and Aria equipment is preferred and a huge plus! We have all Varian machines and use ARIA as our full patient medical record system.

Successful completion of an associate's or bachelor’s degree program in radiation therapy or a radiography program, plus a 12‐month certificate program in radiation therapy.

Certification by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) and/or possession of a valid Radiation Therapy Technician state license.

Experience delivering stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) with a RapidArc‐capable linear accelerator and onboard CBCT (experience with Varian equipment preferred).

Exceptional communication skills, both verbal and written, as well as a strong knowledge and application of the English language.

Tech savvy and easily able to pick up on new technology (we utilize ARIA, Eclipse, Asteris Keystone PACS, Microsoft Office 365 products, Windows, spreadsheets, and email).

Willingness to gain proficiency in basic veterinary procedures including patient restraint and recovery.

Willingness to learn normal veterinary anatomy for CT and field validation purposes.

Great energy, with excellent communication skills!

Ability to adjust in a fluid, fast-paced environment, multi-task, and work within tight deadlines.

Complex problem solving: Identifies complex problems and reviews related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions.

Ability to work well on a team and be a leader of innovation and teamwork.

Schedule: Typically: Travel on Monday & Friday, be on-site Tuesday – Thursday. Shifts are roughly 8 – 4:30. There could be occasions where you may be required to travel on a Sunday, to be on-site for Monday treatments. When you are not traveling, you would work Monday – Thursday, from home, 8 – 4.

Company Overview:

PetCure Oncology, an affiliate of Thrive Pet Healthcare, manages a network of veterinary radiation oncology providers located within market-leading specialty animal hospitals around the country. Through these partnerships, PetCure collaborates with specialists across services to offer pet owners and referring veterinarians comprehensive cancer care. The PetCure Oncology national network has treated more than 6,500 pets with cancer since 2015. Now with eight comprehensive cancer treatment centers across the country, PetCure also offers telehealth services for both veterinarians and pet owners. To learn more, please visit