Control System Software Engineer

Development India


The key role of Software Engineer is control system software development. Control system software or asset model development is the process of discovering the technological principles of an automation industry process control system through analysis of its structures, functions, and operations, then modeling that system’s structure, function, and operation with the goal of automatic documentation. The models are developed in an object oriented programming language. Other related duties may be assigned.

Essential Functions:

  • Designs, develops, documents, tests and implements asset model software
  • Learns and develops analysis skills of a control system’s structure, function, and operation
  • Develops method for data collection, data mining, and data management
  • Maintains, troubleshoots, and implements design changes to multiple existing asset models
  • At experienced level, evaluates, designs, and tests a new asset model or significantly modifies existing asset model from start to finish with little to no assistance
  • Assists QA team in Ahmedabad and Houston for software testing
  • Supports installation of products remotely or in person
  • Support sales and product demonstrations, especially of new development
  • Installs and manages vendor specific software, demo system and tools
  • Manages work using work management tool
  • Participates in team meetings, knowledge transfer sessions
  • Helps in creation and maintenance of how-to or wiki pages
  • Helps creating development support tools