DevOps Engineer for Sport Stream

Software Engineering Kyiv, Ukraine Ukraine


Position at Parimatch Tech

We are highly successful Company with great ambitions. We operate on a very competitive market so every day we are looking for opportunities to be better. To be faster. Even faster. Never stand aside and never afraid to try. Having a lot of own ideas we are very open for fresh ones. Equally important, we have resources to bring these into motion.

Tech stack:

Kubernetes (self-managed + EKS), Nomad, VMware, AWS, GitlabCI, Jenkins, TeamCity, Octopus, ELK, Prometheus, Grafana, Alertmanager, Pagerduty, Ansible, Terraform, Vault, Minio, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Redis, Aerospike, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Helm, FluxCD, Windows/Linux, Python, Bash, Powershell.

We invite those who fired up to:

— Help developers and QA engineers with implementing and following DevOps practices; 
— Proactively monitor system health and keep it reliable; 
— Design and maintain high-load and high-availability infrastructure; 
— Analyze service infrastructure needs and its justification; 
— Write and update scripts; 
— Migrate services to AWS; 
— Dockerize applications.

Essential professional experience:

— 3+ years of relevant experience in DevOps role; 
— Good knowledge of container tooling and orchestration technologies (Kubernetes); 
— Good experience with Linux and Windows operating systems; 
— Good understanding of production level network architecture; 
— Good knowledge of scripting (bash/powershell); 
— Good knowledge of Python; 
— Experience with setting up and maintaining monitoring services like Grafana/Prometheus/Alertmanager/Pagerduty; 
— Experience with version control systems (Git); 
— Experience in managing systems with configuration management and Infrastructure-as-Code principles (Ansible/Terraform).