Behavioral Health Clincian

Professional/Technical Escondido, California

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Behavioral Health Emergency Services
Escondido, California
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39.87 - 59.89
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Position at Palomar Health

Responsible for providing behavioral health and risk assessment as well as case management, crisis intervention, and social work-related services that follow the Biopsychosocial model to various ages and populations in different settings; including the Emergency Department, locked inpatient behavioral health units, and occasionally on acute care floors as requested.
Assessments will identify appropriate resources for individuals and families in crisis, conduct behavioral health assessments, risk assessments, coordinate admissions/transfers/discharge plans for different hospital units (Emergency Department, Trauma, and hospital patients receiving treatment from ED physicians, psychiatrists, and other interdisciplinary Palomar Health staff and appropriate community-based resources or healthcare professionals). Provides planning of group/individual/family therapy to assist in meeting the social and emotional needs for the psychiatric condition, treatment, and recovery to both patients and families. Follows legal guidelines in mandatory reporting. Expedites and evaluates transition from acute care to next level of care throughout the healthcare continuum and develops interventions if required. Assists with developing short and long-term goals relating to the patients' treatment plans.
Requires maintaining a working knowledge of community resources and assisting in obtaining needed resources, and California Mental Health law; as well as national, State, County, and community standards. Serves as subject matter expert and resource expert for mental health law related to the involuntary treatment of patients in the acute care hospital. Also represents the hospital in legal certification hearings regarding involuntary patient holds, assists in the completion of legal forms and applications, and documents according to legal requirements. Has completed the training for 5150 designation, is certified and designated by Palomar Health Behavioral Health Services and San Diego County Mental Health to place patients on involuntary holds and maintains all aspects of insuring patient rights. Collects data and maintains quality of practice based on access, quality, and identified departmental outcome indicators.
Speak and read English at a level that is sufficient to satisfactorily perform the essential functions of the position. Knowledge of standard office equipment (i.e., calculator, fax, photocopier) and personal computer and computer software skills (i.e., MS Windows, Excel, Access, Word, Powerpoint, internet, e-mail). Windows computer skills including proficient use of keyboarding, use of mouse or keys for functions such as selecting items, use of drop down menus, scroll bars, opening folders, copying and similar operations required upon employment or within the 1st two weeks of employment to perform the essential functions of the job. Performs other duties as assigned. Follows Palomar Health rules, policies, procedures, applicable laws and standards. Carries out the mission, vision, and quality commitment of Palomar Health.

Job Requirements

Minimum Education: Master's Degree in Behavioral Health related field
Preferred Education: PhD in Behavioral Health related field
Minimum Experience: 2 - 3 years related medical social work and Behavioral Health related field
Preferred Experience: 3 - 5 years related medical social work and Behavioral Health related field
Required Certification: Crisis Prevention (CPI) within 6 months of hire
Preferred Certification: Not Applicable
Required License: Current CA License in Social Work (LCSW), Clinical Psychology (Ph.D.), Marriage and Family Counseling (MFC), or Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS-MH) within 3 years of hire
Preferred License: Not Applicable

Current employees are not eligible for hiring incentives. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate against applicants or employees based on race, color, gender, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or any other characteristic protected by law.