Medical Training Staff-California Clinical Forensic Medical Training Center

Management Escondido, California

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SART/Child Abuse Program
Escondido, California
Not Applicable
Salary Range
53.55 - 80.43
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Per Diem
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Position at Palomar Health

This is a 100% grant funded or externally funded position, for the duration of grant funds, unless alternative funding sources are identified.

Palomar Health operates the hospital-based California Clinical Forensic Medical Training Center, also known as the CCFMTC. The CCFTMC (EM Program) ensures Medical Evidentiary Examinations or Forensic Medical Examinations are conducted in a standard and consistent manner throughout California for victims of child abuse or neglect, child sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, sexual assault, sex trafficking, domestic violence, elder or dependent adult abuse, and abuse or assault perpetrated against persons with disabilities. The CCFMTC is responsible to develop and maintain standardized medical evidentiary exam forms, protocols, and training for qualified healthcare professionals performing medical evidentiary exams, including training for law enforcement, prosecutors, and court personnel on how to interpret findings of medical evidentiary exams. The CCFMTC requires a Medical Director with expertise to provide CCFMTC administrative services that include providing physician lead training throughout the state of California. The CCFMTC Medical Director will work with the CCFMTC medical training staff to support the goals of the program.

Under the direct supervision of the CCFMTC Medical Director, the CCFMTC Medical Training Staff are responsible to provide feedback and expertise to the medical director to ensure all forms, protocols, and physician lead training materials are reviewed, developed, or updated according to program requirements, evidence based practices, and/or penal code requirements. The CCFMTC Medical Training staff will work cooperatively with Department Director and the CCFMTC Manager to ensure both quality and compliance of the program standards. The CCMTC Medical Training Staff will at the direction of the CCFMTC Medical Director provide physician lead training throughout the state of California in both live and virtual platforms. The CCFMTC Medical Training Staff are responsible to work cooperatively with key stakeholders, Multidisciplinary Team partners, and CCFMTC staff. At the direction of the CCFMTC Medical Director, the CCFMTC Medical Training staff may supervise training staff/consultants. Responsible to ensure compliance with the physician lead training requirements. The CCFMTC Medical Training staff will participate in the creation, development or update of forms, protocols and trainings and ensure they are conducted in collaboration with the key stakeholders defined in Penal Code or Grant Requirements. The CCFMTC Medical Director role shall not include direct patient care with Palomar Health.

The CCFMTC Medical Training Staff must maintain a working knowledge including, but not limited to: evidence based practice standards; national, state, and community standards/policy requirements/standards; scope of practice requirements/standards for qualified healthcare professionals and other relevant multidisciplinary team partners; accreditation standards (i.e. Child Advocacy Center); and other relevant topics as it relates to the program requirements and goals. Must have the ability to serve as a subject matter expert, acts as a community liaison/educator for the state of California Exam Teams and MDT partners. Coordinates with Palomar Health Foundation regarding CCFMTC program as needed. Requires self-driven leadership accountability with the ability to telecommute, travel throughout the state of California frequently, and perform other program duties as assigned.

Speak and read English at a level that is sufficient to satisfactorily perform the essential functions of the position. Knowledge of standard office equipment (i.e., calculator, fax, photocopier) and personal computer and computer software skills (i.e., MS Windows, Excel, Access, Word, Powerpoint, internet, e-mail). Windows computer skills including proficient use of keyboarding, use of mouse or keys for functions such as selecting items, use of drop down menus, scroll bars, opening folders, copying and similar operations required upon employment or within the 1st two weeks of employment to perform the essential functions of the job. Performs other duties as assigned. Follows Palomar Health rules, policies, procedures, applicable laws and standards. Carries out the mission, vision, and quality commitment of Palomar Health.

Job Requirements

Minimum Education: As required by certification and/or licensure; Certificate of successful completion of a Pediatric and Adolescent/Adult SANE forensic certificate training program
Preferred Education: Master's Degree in Business or Medical Management
Minimum Experience: 3 years clinical practice; 3 years' experience performing medical evidentiary exams for service setting; 3 years collective training experience
Preferred Experience: 5 years clinical practice in pediatric, adolescent, adult, and/or geriatric victim services
2 years involvement in Multidisciplinary Team approach to victim services
2 years of experience in Medical Staff leadership positions
2 years experience in administrative/leadership positions
Required Certification: Live Scan clearance required within 2 weeks of hire
Certification in Specialty area of practice or role
American Heart Association recognized BLS - Healthcare Provider
Preferred Certification: Not Applicable
Required License: Valid Driver's License
Valid CA Medical License (MDG)
Preferred License: Not Applicable

We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate against applicants or employees based on race, color, gender, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or any other characteristic protected by law.