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Under general supervision, an Orthopedic Tech performs routine clerical and clinical tasks within the clinic, consistently and frequently performing patient immobilization procedures (i.e. casting, splinting, cast removal, etc.), and assisting Physicians and other licensed providers to provide quality patient care efficiently and cost effectively. Responds to emergency situations as required.



Outpatient Clinic

  • Ability to manage multiple tasks; safely and effectively prioritize according to patient need.
  • Performs set-up and assists physician/NP with procedures and examinations.
  • Thoroughly and accurately obtains chief complaint and pertinent information from patient.
  • Communicates chief complaint and pertinent information to appropriate health care provider.
  • Safely and effectively executes physician/NP order.
  • Observes patient for response to care given.
  • Reports changes in patient condition to appropriate health care provider.
  • Applies /Removes, casts, splints, sutures, staples, pins and dressing bandages.
  • Assembles, adjusts and fits canes, crutches and walkers to patient’s physical structure.
  • Applies and performs minor adjustments/repairs on durable medical equipment.
  • Maintains timely and accurate documentation of patient care.
  • Documents patient response to care when applicable.
  • Documents telephone contact with patients.
  • Performs other related duties as required.
  • Assists as department liaison for new employees and float personnel providing orientation/instruction to department procedures.
  • Prepares lab and X-ray results for physician/NP review.
  • Sets up and restocks exam rooms.
  • Participates in patient call-backs.
  • Prepares and processes instruments.
  • Correctly files information in patients chart in electronic chart.
  • Demonstrates the ability to verify benefits, eligibility, and obtain necessary authorizations for durable medical equipment
  • Perform other duties as assigned


Operating Room


  • Position, prep and drape patients by using accepted practices and techniques in order to prepare the patient for surgery
  • First or second assistant with all procedures to include, but are not limited to; haemostasis, tissue retraction, suturing and closure of tissue planes, cutting of sutures, closing operative incision by using accepted surgical practices and techniques.
  • Applying intraoperative dressings to surgical site.
  • Assesses the surgical patient for postoperative complications. f. Provides discharge instructions to the surgical patient. g. Adheres to ethical guidelines.
  • Donning OR attire and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Gathers, checks and opens supplies and equipment needed for the surgical procedures
  • Performs the surgical scrub, and donning gown and gloves
  • Sets up the sterile back table and Mayo stand with instruments, supplies, equipment, and medications/solutions needed for the procedure
  • Performs initial instrument, sharps and sponge counts with the circulator
  • Assists the team members with gowning and gloving
  • Assists with draping the patient and establishing the sterile field
  • Participates in the surgical site and patient verification during the time out procedure
  • Secures tubing, cords and other sterile accessories.

REQUIREMENTS:  High School diploma or GED.  Completion of an accredited Ortho Tech. program and certification (NBCOT).  2 years relevant experience.


We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate against applicants or employees based on race, color, gender, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or any other characteristic protected by law.