Open Positions

Customer Service

Customer Service Representative Somerville, Massachusetts

Direct Operations

Driver - Part Time Deliveries New York City, New York
Driver - Part Time Deliveries Boston, Massachusetts

Event Hosts & Co-Hosts

Event Co-Host Sacramento, California
Event Co-Host
8 Locations
Event Co-Host New York City, New York
Event Host Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Event Host New York City, New York
Event Host Sacramento, California
Event Host
8 Locations

Launch Your Own Business

Local Partner - Aurora, IL Aurora, Illinois
Local Partner - Akron, OH Akron, Ohio
Local Partner - Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, New Mexico
Local Partner - Atlanta, GA Atlanta, Georgia
Local Partner - Bakersfield, CA Bakersfield, California
Local Partner - Birmingham, AL Birmingham, Alabama
Local Partner - Bismark, ND Bismarck, North Dakota
Local Partner - Carbondale, IL Carbondale, Illinois
Local Partner - Casper, WY Casper, Wyoming
Local Partner - Champaign, IL Champaign, Illinois
Local Partner - Charlotte, NC Charlotte, North Carolina
Local Partner - Chicago, IL Chicago, Illinois
Local Partner - Dallas/Ft Worth Dallas - Ft. Worth, Texas
Local Partner - El Paso, TX El Paso, Texas
Local Partner - Erie, PA Erie, Pennsylvania
Local Partner - Ft. Myers, FL Ft. Myers, Florida
Local Partner - Hampton Roads / Newport News, VA Hampton Roads, Virginia
Local Partner - Houston, TX Houston, Texas
Local Partner - Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, Indiana
Local Partner - Jackson, MS Jackson, Mississippi
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Senior Manager, Digital Marketing Somerville, Massachusetts


Experiences Manager Somerville, Massachusetts
Warehouse Manager Somerville, Massachusetts

Partner Operations

Relationship Manager Somerville, Massachusetts

Private Events

Inside Sales Representative Somerville, Massachusetts
Senior Manager, Private Events Somerville, Massachusetts

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