(Sr./Staff) Algorithm Engineer



1. Expand existing solutions to new levels of functionality, quality, and performance.
2. Assist other teams with algorithm implementation, testing and verification
3. Drive the productization of the hardware.
4. Algorithm documentation
5. Collaboration with external researchers.

1. MS/PhD in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent.
2. Deep knowledge and experience in developing, implementing and deploying image processing algorithms for ISPs, or CMOS image sensors
3. Familiarity with image and color processing techniques, including HDR, AWB, color correction, noise reduction, IR removal/suppression and CFA demosaicing, etc
4. Strong mathematics background and track record of independent algorithm research.
5. Strong programming skills in C/C++ and in a rapid prototyping environment.
6. Good understanding of digital photography, image quality and stereo vision.
7. Demonstrate great teamwork, outstanding communication skills, and willingness to learn.