Sr. Product Characterization Engineer

PROCESS ENGINEERING Santa Clara, California


  1. Support CMOS Imaging technology development through detailed scientific characterization. Perform complete electrical and optical characterization of latest CMOS Image sensors to support CMOS Imaging technology research and development.
  2. Design experiments to investigate root cause of problems in pixel design/process. Analyze trade-offs by characterizing different pixel design and process splits for next generation CMOS Sensors.
  3. Research on wavelength-scale optical structures to realize new sensor functionalities or improve sensor performance. Perform optical simulation and propose optimized structures for fabrication.
  4. Work with Process Integration/Layout design and Process Simulation team to characterize new designs/process and suggest new process experiments based on characterization data.
  5. Work with circuit probe engineers to develop automated wafer-level test programs.
  6. Work with Production, QA teams to solve yield issues related to pixel performance.

This position requires a minimum Master’s degree in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, optical engineering or related fields.

Require two years of work or research experience in semiconductor device physics, device design and fabrication, field effect transistors (FET), FET-based sensors, photonic and plasmonic sensors, optical conductivity sensors, optical microscopy, optical simulation, optimization of optical structures, digital electronic devices and sensors, electronic and optoelectronic nanosensors, and electrical characterization.